Jedi Meeting 6/14/19

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    The next Space Monk meeting will be on:
    Friday, June 14th at

    12am EST,
    11PM CST,
    9PM PST
    10pm MT, (even tho we all know this timezone doesn't actually exist)
    All Jedi are welcome to attend.

    If you want an issue added to the agenda please post in the thread or in the comments below and I will add it.

    If you don't comment don't expect me to remember to add your item to the agenda. You still however can bring things up during open session.
  2. That's late.
  3. It was based off of the Whenisgood responses. The hour before that showed three responses as not being able to make it.
  4. Understandable.
  5. Make the Last two rooms of the Jedi Bunks into a holocron Vault + Library for those to meditate or RP Learn Force RP or for classes. , Like the Library on SWbase with the vault.
    * This gives the Temple guards an Area to watch over considering it only has one entrance to two rooms.
    * (add this ONLY if this hasnt been Discussed yet for how the rooms will be decorated.)

    PS, I work till 9:15 PM on the 14th MST time So I may have to clutch the meeting by a few minutes, either that or I might miss it due to overtime. (meeting starts at 10 MST for me)
  6. The layout of the Jedi Area was already decided upon, plus a holocron vault isn't something allowed onto a ship.
  7. Oki doki papa
  8. aw :(
  9. I've been in contact with Seag. We are going to put an hidden RP vault somewhere in the Jedi room. Details will be given upon request.

    Also bruh you're the one who set a prop limit forcing us to not be able to put an actual one in.
  10. just sacrifice loser stuff for a vault
    even if its not as smart in rp
    i still think having a whole holocron display would be way cooler
  11. Or just raise the prop limit or have the vault be excluded from our prop limit! :)
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  12. No
  13. w h o a

    RIP getting more props D:
  14. What If we donated like 10 bucks for more props
  15. no
  16. We don't need anymore props. As the currently planned out Jedi rooms we will have enough as it is, plus some extra
  17. can i be a incest monkey lobster crab bird pig cat dog demon mandalorian youngling jedi
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  18. At this point, yes
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  19. Hold on kong, you said in your journal that you left earth in 1980, does that mean you are from the future
  20. Yes, I've watch back to the future and I'm a time anomaly

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