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    [NOTE: Regarding chain of command, Jedi Masters are equivalent in rank, so disregard that order.]
    [NOTE: [NP] means "No Padawan".]
    [NOTE: [SV] means "Saberstaff Verification". Those w/ this are allowed to use saberstaffs. These are limited to those rank Knight and above.]
    [NOTE: Master+ Jedi can have two Padawans.]
    [NOTE: If someone has a (xx/xx) next to the name its the date that he/she became the rank this will normally be put next to Padawans]
    [NOTE: Names highlighted Orange are the Classification of Sentinel, Names highlighted Green are the Classification of Consular, Finally names highlight Blue are the Classification of Guardian.]
    [NOTE: The Leader (or Oldest) of their Classification is
    Bold or Italicized or both]
    [NOTE: [SL] Means Saberstaff Leader. [TG] means Temple Guard. [TGC] means Temple Guard Commander]
    [NOTE: [HLK] means Head Lore Keeper, and [LK] means Lore Keeper, [HJS] means Head Jedi Seeker, and [JS] is Jedi Seeker, [EWSH] means Exotic Weapon Specialist Head, [EWS] is Exotic Weapon Specialist, [HJA] means head Head Jedi Artisan and [JA] means Jedi Artisan.]
    [Younglings and Trainees are of equal rank, and will not be on this, Initiates will be added]


    Jedi Master Dalton Ulysses [HJS] [Figgith] [NP] 327th Star Corps Jedi General

    Jedi Master Koriand'r Stratton [EWSH] [NPx2] 10th Jedi General

    Jedi Master Hyperion Solas [HLK] [SL] [NPx2] Medcore Jedi General

    Jedi Consular Jethro Lang [SV] [NP] 10th Jedi Commander

    Jedi Sentinel Ima Gun Di [HJA] [SV] [NP] Naval Captain

    Jedi Sentinel Grakkata [NP] Wookie Warrior Jedi General

    Jedi Guardian Raniden Ferrenheid [NP] CT Jedi General

    Jedi Ranger Tiplee [Voss]
    DC Jedi Commander

    Jedi Ranger Reskov [NP]

    Jedi Ranger Clayton Carmine
    [LK] [Chuck] GM Jedi General

    Jedi Ranger Sinbad [TG] [Lancer]

    Jedi Crusader Tiplar [NP] DC Jedi General

    Jedi Crusader Wulfric Kneelegs [NP] 41st Jedi General

    Jedi Crusader Mohn Philton [NP]

    Jedi Crusader Iris Serva [Pin] CG Jedi General

    Jedi Knight Zana [Octave] CA Jedi General

    Jedi Knight Ostrava [NP]
    RC Jedi General

    Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker [NP] 501st Jedi General

    Jedi Knight Num'ak Ti [LOA] [NP]
    ARF Jedi General

    Jedi Knight Quinlin Vos [NP]

    Jedi Knight Caeser Ogara [Ki Adi Mundi]

    Jedi Knight Chuck Valentine [NP]

    Jedi Padawan Anana Pin Pomme [Iris]

    Jedi Padawan Quinton Lancer [LOA] [Sinbad] [TG]

    Jedi Padawan Ki Adi Mundi [Caeser]

    Jedi Padawan Figgith [Dalton]
    Jedi Temple Guards (3/9)

    Jedi Temple Guard Leader(1/1)

    Jedi Master Hyperion Solas

    Temple Guard Vice Lead (1/1)

    Sentinel Grakkata

    Jedi Temple Guard Commander (1/1)

    Jedi Ranger Sinbad [Dalton]
    Jedi Temple Guards (0/6)

    Jedi Padawan Quinton Lancer


    [Saberstaff Verification: 3/5]
    [This Additional people are either turned to the Dark Side or are not affiliated with the Main Roster.]
    [Non-Affiliated will be represented with N/A.]
    [Dark Side users that were in Jedi and have a possibility of turning back to the Light will be represented with DS.]
    [Underlined and Bolded means they've either won or donated for (usually a lore character), and haven't taken it yet due to outside things. (Like finding replacements within their own batt., etc.)]
  2. Updated: Added More Links, Landon, Semray now Knights. Saint now Consular, Landon no-longer CA commander
  3. Nord is a consular?
  4. I thought Nord was a Sentinel?
  5. No he was consular before he became Master
  6. Update:Koriand’r now Guardian, Kibo died and is now Zana, Nord left, Century and Saint now 41st Jedi. Semray left GM and now CA, Landon now longer DC.
  7. Update: Removed Inactive Initiates, Had Council Meeting.
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  8. Updated: Master Roland Deschains left, Raniden now Knight, Satou Kazuma now padawan of Raniden. Koriand'r got a new padawan, Desmond Zhou
  9. Update: Landon and Corvo removed for Inactivity/Leaving. Century now has a padawan (HOLY SHIT), Anakin Skywalker, Kaling now off LOA, Ima Gun Di on LOA, and added more organization [SL] (Saberstaff Leader) and Bolded Italicized (for G/C/S Leaders).
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  10. if only i could get a jedi for cobalt squad *COUGH*
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  11. nig nog you're a sub batallion
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  13. fuck no
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  14. way back when we had a Jedi for RC, he was included in different squad formations
    ye I know for the most part it's not needed but having it allows for more possibilities
  15. Updated: Kaling left, Raniden now has SV, Century has Zana as a Padawan, Saint now has a padawan again,Kyle Scars, and Knight Grakkata is now part of the Order.
  16. Updated: Knight Grakkata has taken a padawan. Knight Ima Gun Di is now a Sentinel, Raniden Ferrenheid is now a Guardian, and finally Knight Semray is now a Sentinel.
  17. Updated: Masters added.
  18. congrats to all those masters i guess
  19. Science test today NO CONGRATS UNTIL I SAY SO

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