Jedi Roster Revamp 2020-2021

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    Burst Link Jedi Order Roster

    Jedi Masters :
    Master Clayton Carmine [41st Jedi General][SL][HC][HS][Sky]
    Master XiaoJun Young [NP]

    Jedi Knights + G/C/S:
    Guardian Fee Thek [CG Jedi General][SV][NP]
    Guardian Jin Silv'nner [HG][41st Jedi Commander][Mace]
    [3] Consular Servoch Krovtii [212th Jedi General][Kenobi]
    Sentinel Zana [GM Jedi General][SV][HST][Croc]
    [2] Sentinel Default Ulysses [NP]
    Knight Nero Malpelo [RC Advisor][ST][Dracion]
    Knight Zetsu [108th Jedi Commander][NP]
    Knight Tyzias Entykk [TG][Winter]
    [1] Knight Materasu Kohn [TGI][Koh][SV]
    Knight Quinlan Vos [NP]
    Knight Kannui Crocotta [NP]
    Knight Kit Fisto [Keeli Company Jedi General][NP]
    Knight Saar Versus [NP]
    Knight Reskov [Wratt]
    Knight Cai Boose [Medcorps Jedi General][TGC][Nez][Seb][SV]
    [1] Knight Kalec Muodan [104th Jedi General][Anakin]
    Knight Kavlok Ti [SV][NP]
    Knight Kaide Young
    Knight Sky Tartinus [CI Jedi Commander]

    Gray Jedi 1/1:
    [11] Gray Jedi Koriand'r Stratton [10th Jedi General][HEWS][NP]

    Jedi Padawans:
    Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Padawan Suher Wratt
    Padawan Henry Vuchs
    Padawan Winter
    Padawan Kiwi
    Padawan Seb Morales [212th Jedi Commander]
    Padawan Koh
    Padawan Anakin Skywalker
    Padawan Mace Windu
    Padawan Dracion[TGP]
    Padawan Nez
    Padawan Croc
    Padawan Noodle

    Jedi Initiates:
    Initiate Frerduro
    Initiate O'Keef
    Initiate Jay Red
    Initiate Ted
    Initiate Falcon

    Heads of G/C/S:
    Guardians : Jin Silvnner
    Consulars: Clayton Carmine
    Sentinels: Zana Yujo

    G/C/S Tags:
    Guardian = Blue
    Consular = Green
    Sentinel = Orange

    General Tags:
    [NP] = No Padawan
    [*name*]= Knights Padawan
    [HC/G/ST] = Head Consular, Guardian, Sentinel

    Saberstaff Tags:
    [SL]=Saberstaff Leader
    [SV]=Saberstaff Verified
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    Jedi Sage Tags:
    [HS] = High Sage
    S = Sage
    [ST] = Sage Trainee

    Temple Guard Tags:
    [TGC] = Temple Guard Commander
    [TGI] = Temple Guard Instructor
    [TG] = Temple Guard
    [TGP] = Temple Guard Pledge

    Exotic Weapons Specialist Tags:
    [HEWS] = Head Exotic Weapons Specialist
    [EWS] = Exotic Weapons Specialist

    Commenting Format

    LOA Format:
    LOA Reason: (ex: Family Issue, Moving, Vacation, School, etc)
    LOA Length: Starting --/--/-- and Ending --/--/--

    Promotion Format:
    Person being promoted:
    Promoted by:
    Date Promoted:

    Class Format:
    Attendance: (Who was there and if people joined late don't add them)
    Teachers: (Who taught the class)
    Lesson of Class: (What was taught)
    Date of Class: --/--/--

    Jedi General/Commander/Advisor Format:
    Person being promoted:
    Promoted by CO:
    Date Promoted:

  3. LOA Reason: Need time to think
    LOA Length: 1 Week
    Starting 6/17/2020 and Ending 6/24/2020 Maybe
  4. LOA reason: going camping, filing LOA as I won’t have any service
    LOA length: 3 days
    Starting: 6/18/2020
    Ending: 6/21/2020
    Ps don’t do anything fucking stupid please
  5. LOA Reason: Visiting Father for Fathers day
    LOA Length: 3 Days
    Starting: 6/18/2020
    Ending: 6/21/2020
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    Person being promoted: Initiate JRed
    Promoted by: Fee-Thek
    Date Promoted: 6/20/20

    Returning Initiate
  7. Person being promoted: Trainee Ted -> Initiate Ted
    Promoted by: Master Clayton Carmine
    Date Promoted: 6/22/2020
  8. LOA Reason: Due to school,reduce activity to 2 days a week
    LOA Length: 5 months
    Starting: 24/6/2020
    Ending: until December
  9. LOA Reason: I need time to fix my schedule and get everything together.
    LOA Length: About a month.
    Starting: 6/25/2020
    Ending: 7/20/2020
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    LOA Reason: IRL Stuff
    LOA Length: 1 Week
    Starting 6/29/2020 and Ending 7/4/20 (earliest)
  11. LOA Reason: Time re-prioritization needed. Too much still goin' on.
    LOA Length: Few weeks to a month hopefully.
    Starting: 6/30/2020
    Ending: ~7/30/2020
    -Will try for sooner.
  12. Resignation:
    Master Mohn Philton and Master Wulfric Kneelegs have departed the order we wish them the best on their future endeavors and may the force be with you always
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  13. Person being promoted: Trainee Kandosii Jahayr -> Initiate Kandosii Jahayr
    Promoted by: Master Clayton Carmine
    Date Promoted: 7/02/2020
  14. Person being promoted: Initiate Kandosii Jahayr -> Padawan Kandosii Jahayr
    Promoted by: Knight Reskov
    Date Promoted: 7/2/20
    Reason: Taking him as my Padawan and replacing Wratt
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  15. Person being promoted: Padawan Kaide Young -> Knight Kaide Young
    Promoted by: Master Clayton Carmin
    Date Promoted: 7/2/2020
  16. Promotion
    Person being promoted : Initiate Croc - Padawan Croc
    Promoter: Sentinel Zana Yujo
    Date: 7/2/20
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    Person being promoted: Trainee Noodle -> Initiate Noodle
    Promoted by: Master Clayton Carmine
    Date Promoted: 7/05/2020
  18. Person being promoted: Initiate Noodle ----> Padawan Noodle
    Promoted by: Sentinel Defalt Ulysses
    Date Promoted: 7/5/2020
  19. Attendance: Guardian Jin SIlvnner, Sentinel Zana, Sentinel Defalt, Knight Kaide Young, Padawan Croc, Padawan Noodle, Trainee Remek
    Teachers: Master Clayton Carmine
    Lesson of Class: Dueling Tag in system, knowing when to call for help, Sword and Shield formation and how to use it properly
    Date of Class: 07/06/2020
  20. Person being promoted: Padawan Sky Tartinus -> Knight Sky Tartinus
    Promoted by: Master Clayton Carmine
    Date Promoted: 7/6/2020
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