Jedi Roster Revamp 2020-2021

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  1. Person being promoted: Baris Offee -> Padawan
    Promoted by:Master Clayton Carmine
    Date Promoted: 9/20/2020
  2. Person being promoted: Trainee Jaka Lorik -> Initiate Jaka Lorik
    Promoted by: Knight Quinlan Vos
    Date Promoted: 9/26/2020
  3. LOA Reason: starting uni
    LOA Length: Starting today and Ending idontknowmaybeillhoponweekends
  4. who are all these people
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  5. LOA for Padawan Barriss Offee
    Length: 6-7 weeks
    Reason: Feeling burnt out
  6. Person being promoted: Hath Hihl
    Promoted by: Hector
    Promotion date: 5:02 PM EST on 10/30/2020

    He's the Republic Intelligence Jedi Commander now.
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  7. Person being Demoted: Epsilon/Drai Boose
    Demoted By: Valerian
    Demotion Date: 11/6/2020 1:35 PM CST

    Drai Boose hasn't done anything for Medics tbh.
  8. Person being promoted: Sentinel Zana Yujo -> Master Zana Yujo
    Promoted by: Master Clayton Carmine, Master Jin
    Date Promoted: 11/7/2020
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  9. Person being promoted: Trainee Lighthaven -> Initiate Lighthaven
    Promoted by: Master Clayton Carmine
    Date Promoted: 11/11/2020
  10. Person being demoted: Barriss Offee -> Initiate
    Demoted by: Master Clayton Carmine
    Date Promoted: 11/15/2020
  11. LOA Reason: thanksgiving hell week
    LOA Length: Starting 11/21/20 - 11/28/20
  12. [​IMG]

    Reporting. ( College is ending soon )
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  13. Person being promoted: Initiate Barriss Offee
    Promoted by: Kanniu Crocotta
    Date Promoted: 12/4/20

    I am taking Barriss as my Padawan Learner
  14. Promotion Format:
    Person being promoted: Master Clayton Carmine -> High Master Clayton Carmine
    Promoted by: The Knights+ council
    Date Promoted: 12/4/2020

    Transfer Format:
    Person being Transferred: Padawan Croc
    Transferred by: Master Zana Yujo -> Knight Sky Tartinus
    Date Promoted: 12/4/2020
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  15. Person being promoted: Knight Sky Tartinus
    Promoted by CO: Mathias
    Date Promoted: 11/27/2020
    ARF Jedi General
  16. Person being promoted: Initiate Jakey -> Padawan Jakey
    Promoted by: Knight Dracion (he didn’t have a forum account)
    Date Promoted: 12/4/2020

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