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  1. LOA​
    Reason: Going to my mom side this week
    Duration: 12/1/19 - 12/7/19
    Note: I’m sorry about my activity
  2. LOA Reason: School

    LOA Length: 6 months
    Starting 12/01/19 and Ending 05/11/20
    Note: Just a reminder for my reduced activity.

    Person being promoted: Ortis Kane [Knight]
    Promoted By: Mohn Philton
    Date Promoted: 12/2/19
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  4. Promotion Format:
    Person being promoted: Ethan, Rose Sunskipper, Heff Tkeove (Initiate)
    Promoted By: Caesar O’gara
    Date Promoted: December 3rd, 2019
  5. Person being promoted: Initiate Ethan to Padawan
    Promoted By: Knight Sol Custos
    Date Promoted: December 3rd 2019
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  6. Promotion Format:
    Person being promoted: Padawan Tyzias Entykk
    Promoted By: Consular Clayton Carmine
    Date Promoted: 12/6/19
  7. Verification Format:
    Verification: Sol Custos has made Sage Initiate
    Verification Administrator: Consular Clayton Carmine
  8. Promotion Format:
    Person being promoted: Initiate Poombayz - Padawan Poombayz
    Promoted By: Knight Kyle Miller
    Date Promoted: 12/6/19
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    LOA Format:
    Reason: Starting to get bored of gmod a bit plus thing to do IRL
    LOA Length: 3-4 days
  10. Person being promoted: Knight Sol Custos to RC Advisor or whatever the fu
    Promoted By: Kong and Vic
    Date Promoted: 12/7/19
  11. Attendance: Padawan Poombayz, Padawan Kanniu, Padawan Ethan, Initiate Anakin Skywalker
    Teachers: Servoch Krovtii
    Lesson of Class: G/C/S roles and Subclasses in lore.
    Date of Class: 12/07/19
  12. Demotion Format:
    Person being Demoted: Padawan Poombayz - Initiate Poombayz
    Demoted by: Knight Kyle Miller
    Date Promoted: 12/7/19

    Person being promoted: Youngling Othro to the rank of Initiate
    Promoted By: Master Wulfric Kneelegs
    Date Promoted: 12/07/19

    Attendance: Padawan Ethan, Initiate Kermitt, Padawan Kanniu
    Teachers: Master Wulfric Kneelegs
    Lesson of Class: Physical exercise, training, and meditation practice
    Date of Class: 12/07/19
  15. LOA Reason: Mother getting spine surgery

    LOA Length:
    Starting 12/9/19 and ending around 1/13/19

    I'll still be on but not actively
    And she scheduled my wisdom teeth removal on the 23rd which is epic
  16. LOA Reason: A whole bunch of life issues and mass reports on me that im not given a platform to defend myself on.

    LOA Length:
    Starting 12/8/2019 and ending 12/13/2019

    Ill check discord to see if any of this stuff gets resolved but I am not gonna stay here just to see me getting kicked out of the order for a 1 sided report that I have no way to defend myself in. I got a lot going on right now and a random mix of clones and jedi are reporting me either as a joke or as a targeted thing because the dislike me and I have no way to defend myself. I am literally sitting in my room already dealing with a bunch of shit rn and I am getting complaint on complaint on me and im stuck here just trying to fix one complaint after the other because what I have done is not against the rules but taken out of context it looks that way. I hope in 5 days this gets worked out because I want to stay here but I just really hope that I get the chance to explain to anyone higher up what I am going through and why these reports happened in the first place. have a fun week I sure wont.
  17. If you have problems during your tenure as a Jedi, regarding any negative reputation you may have gained, I would contact a master and explain your case directly. Posting on the forums that there are negative reports about you and that you aren't able to explain your side won't get you very far in your career. Neither will laying low for 5 days for the heat to cool down.

    If you want to contact a master I would either find one on server or ask a Knight+ how you can get in touch with one.
    Alternatively our TeamSpeak IP is:
    As for the Jedi Discord I would also contact a Knight+ to see if they are willing to give you an invite link (depending on your rank).
  18. i have spoken to everybody that i can. kneelegs told me if i have a lot of stress going on irl w family and life i shud take a minor break to cool off. which i am doing. I wasnt venting, i was posting the exact reason why i am leaving for only 5 days
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  19. Class Format:
    Attendance: Trainee Ricardo, Trainee Winter, Initiate Jardani
    Teachers: Consular Clayton Carmine
    Lesson of Class: How to do Descriptive,colorful and in-depth Force RP
    Date of Class: 12/09/19

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