Jeremy's Judicials (custom battalion)

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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Regarding the status on Jeremy's battalion:
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  4. Okay lil post as far as a more or less a finalized list of equipment I would like to see and what I feel is fair to ask for considering cost, role in the server, and implementation is concerned.

    100 HP 100 Armor
    Standard Rifle A280 Blaster rifle to set it apart from a Clone Trooper and its prominence in RJF lore in star wars.
    Fragmentation grenades to add additional indirect fire power to the server as a whole considering few battalions on the server possess or bother using them.

    Shotgunner role with Republic Shotgun
    Sniper role with Republic sniper possibly with 1/2 or 1/4 armor

    Finally as for a special weapon I am asking to use this breaching charge weapon
    Almost all of the signature weapons used by the battalions on the server are direct fire weapons, rotary blasters, ice guns, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, therefore I think this weapon will really make the battalion stand out as it trades some of that direct immediate fire power for versatility and usefulness as a booby trap and tool. Making it possible for the RJF to set ambushes on hostile forces, roleplay the destruction of vehicles, equipment, and obstacles, and finally it will make it capable of filling in for CG when a door needs to be breach or when roleplay dictates provide a battalion other than CG the ability to breach whenever there's a conflict.

    This is the special weapon I want and as far as compromise goes I'd be willing to accept that it be bundled together with the shotgunner role or if absolutely necessary, as I'd prefer not to compromise on this unless I'm completely mad for believing the trade offs are equal to the gain, dropping the shotgun and/or sniper role in its entirety.

    Again I'm always open to feedback whether it be suggestions, questions, comments, concerns, or you just wanna let me know I'm an idiot I can be reached on the forums, my steam acc, my email

    Thanks guys.
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  5. you could do way better then c4 charges are you sure
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    Hit me up with ideas if you got em, just trying to be fair and not try to be a straight up upgraded copy of any one else's battalion.

    My intent for the Judicial's and thus its loadout and equipment is to be a boon to roleplay and creativity. I can only hope that I have earned enough faith and trust from the community and staff to allow all of the features of the C4 addon then I think it has the potential to be a really beneficial piece of kit considering at this point, only CG can battering ram doors and the detonators we have on the server can only be received from EMs.

    To put it out there what I would like to do is create opportunities for players to have more power over the world around them, rather than begging EMs to allow change being able to effect a reasonable amount of change through demonstrable action. Blowing up enemy vehicles or drop pods or fortifications, or using your judgement checking in with the EMs and asking hey is it gonna ruin your story line if I blow open this blocked off path or locked door? You can see these things happen and thus they feel more real to the EMs themselves and the players then if you just said that you were doing something or acting out something happening.
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  7. you dont decide armor
    but uh lut can accept or deny loadour
  8. They just came and cleaned the shitter at work so I’m shitting right now but I’ll read tonight
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  9. Em's if knowing that You will be in events could build walls or so from Wooden props and give u the detonator which destroys them instantly
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  10. Well here's the thing, and its all gonna depend on Mr. Lutpug, is that this swep has the option to
    unfreeze props, blast open doors, be attached to players, onto the world and other objects.
    So we could do stuff like create a car bomb and drive it into an enemy strongpoint, blast open a hole for friendly troops to breach through, destroy objectives like prop artillery, or vehicles, or antennas or whatever.

    And admittedly because one person with the intention to blast open every door, bust down all of the EMs props, or totally derail the linear route an EM may be guiding us on. I don't think I'll trust more people with than myself, my a XO, and at most two other people. Because as opposed to it being the battalion being troublesome it is more clearly an individual who is at fault.

    Again it requires a little bit of judgement, but it gives the players the opportunity to have a little push back, if there's an event and the majority of the players are unhappy with the progression of the story and would like to tell the EMs we want them to push things along we can do so and the EMs can adapt the circumstances. Also it should generally add a bit more spectacles to our missions actually being able to destroy stuff ourselves without begging or hoping an EM will drop a gbomb on something that really oughta be blown to pieces.
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  11. I wasnt talking bout the swep, I have no clue on its effects I was just on about the star wars detonator we have already in the server which can blow through wooden and glass props, If the swep doesn't get added the detonator might be a good shout
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  12. Hey uh with Judicial models nearing completion it might be a good idea to further discuss the battalion's loadout. I haven't seen Mustang accept or deny loadout ideas, and I would recommend continuing the conversation.

    Thank you for being patient through this whole process, Jeremy. You've been waiting almost 5 months now for these bad boys, and you and I both can't wait to see these fellas in action.

    Oh, and I'll also be planning out a special event just for this battalion.
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  13. I'm still open to suggestions myself, I would really like to hear if anyone has any suggestions for things they'd like to see added to the server or things that we're missing in other battalions, and just any ideas on ways the RJF can contribute in a unique way.
  14. Bumping because there has been no confirm/deny as to the loadout/role of Judicials

    We should further discuss as Judicials will be out at the end of HaloRP
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