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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by CmderJeremy, Nov 20, 2019.

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  1. Steam Name: CmderJeremy
    SteamID: STEAM_1:0:21481008

    Hours played on the server:
    6 Weeks

    What is your age: 19 going on 20 this December

    Do you have previous experience as a staff member on other servers?
    This would definitely be my first time staffing on a server.

    What attributes can you bring to our server?
    • I've been a member of BLN going on two years now so I am very familiar with the server the rules and the community and the same is true in reverse people know what to expect and can feel comfortable coming to me if they need to.

    • I think a really important trait in a staff member is being approachable, being the type of person who you are willing to work with if you have issues. I think people would be able to get an impression from my attitude and the way I treat people that I genuinely care about what they have to say.

    • I personally am a very flexible person, I can behave however the situation, the server, and the community needs me to in any given moment and I have pretty good grasp on what I ought to be in any of those situations. If I need to be firm because someone's disrespecting my staff or my community members I can do that and if I need to pretend to be a certain kind of way to motivate a player to behave I can do that.

    • Even without staff powers I have done my damnedest to step up and be more than just a member of this community, but a leader and role model for others.
    Do you think you're mature enough to be a moderator for our server?
    Without a doubt in my mind.

    Will you be active on our server?
    Two years kicking and this is still the only online community I'm apart of it. If there's a day I can't be on the server I'll be trawling the Teamspeak or talking to you guys on Steam.

    Do you have a microphone that you can use to communicate and quickly solve problems?

    Do you know all the rules for the server?
    I do, and I know that I can reach out and consult with other staff if there are any issues that I do not have an answer for myself.

    Do you think our community respects you enough to become a moderator on the server?
    I may have had doubts 2 years ago when I put up my first staff app, but now? No. I know people know I care about them and would be willing to listen to me if I had to confront them or perform in a staff role.

    Have you ever been punished on our server? If so, what were you punished for?
    I have 5 warns in total and the last one I received was a year ago.

    Why should we promote you to staff? (at least 100 words)

    Because I'm motivated and driven to do this. I've always wanted to help this community. I do what I can now, but I know I can contribute more given a staff role. At this point I almost know BLN like the back of my hand. I don't ever plan on leaving you guys, and I could care less about abuse or power or whatever because I'm more concerned with what's fair for you guys. I know I can stand up for myself, for other players, other staff, and for this community. I think I'm a stand up guy, and every time I've had an issue with somebody we've gotten over it at the latest by the end of the day if not earlier. If I've ever argued with someone its been for the simple joy of talking with someone and if I ever say something to someone that I know I shouldn't have I always let them know that that's not how I really feel about them.

    Like I said about 2 years ago. If you don't promote me to staff, I'm not going any where. Scout's Honor I won't get all mopey about it and go on an LOA or whatever. I just wanna be as much a part of this community as I can.
    Love you guys XOXO
    You can reach my on steam, on my discord, Email, if you can ask nicely you can even call or text its all good fellas.

    okay good night.
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  2. I would +1 this if I could, guy genuinely cares about how other players feel and he’s a long standing member who knows right from wrong
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  3. Bro you're awesome
    Will you be available most of the time or are you expecting to do more long term military related LOA's?
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  4. Longest time the Army may take me away from BLN unless we suddenly get thrust into a war is 2 to 3 weeks and that's only once a year. I should still be able to get on the Discord and TS with my phone so I'll always be able to check on you guys and share my sage wisdom from time to time.
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  5. +1 is ebic gamer
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  6. +1

    Jeremy is a good role model in the community and is willing to go out of his way to help others. He also knows when to put his foot down to stop an argument and or other problems without getting heated. I think he would make an excellent addition to the staff team.
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  7. Jeremy is a good guy, respected and well if he can handle savanna he an handle the people here so +1
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  8. Forgot to mention because it didn't occur to me at time of writing, but I did once upon a time Manage the BLN Arma 3 Server, as well as staff for the Nazi Zombie server we had for a lil bit so correcting that bit of information here.
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  9. +1

    He's a great leader, a great friend, and an amazing person.
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  10. +1 very nais and also hes been playing for a while
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  11. Accepted, Contact me next time you are online for your ULX perms. Welcome to the Staff Team.
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