Jin Silv'nner

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    General Information:
    Republic Database (Full Name): Ryuu’Jin Silverrunner
    Nickname: Jin Silv’nner
    Age: 25
    Home World: Alderaan

    Physical Description:
    Gender/Species: Male/Human
    Skin Color: Fairly Pale
    Hair Color: Black, graying strands
    Eye Color: Emerald Green
    Height: 5’11 (180.34 cm)
    Hair: Long, messy hair pulled back into a long ponytail

    Fairly Reserved
    Friendly Conversationalist
    Makes Jokes whenever Situations turn out worse

    Burst Link Venator (Known as Hell’s Venator)
    41st Elite Corps (Jedi Commander)

    Current: Guardian of the Jedi Order
    Master: Consular Clayton Carmine(Former), Master Artyom Ortyx(Former)
    Padawans: Kalec Muodan, Mace Windu

    Familial Relations:
    Father - Dryden Nox(Condemned)
    Mother - Juliana Silvers(Deceased)
    Sister - Sienna(Deceased)

    (Subject To Change)
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  2. I still like how were called the hell's venator

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