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  1. OOC: yeah, to the ones who didn't know, I'm back, with less frequency than before ( due to college and stuff ), some people asked me, so I should better say it: I'm not some spy or some shit like that. I just missed a lot of you, and I didn't come back before due to the thought that a lot of you wouldn't feel comfortable due to the fighting that happened in the past. Realized my mistakes and bad decisions, now i'm back. hooray. I know that gaining the trust of a lot of you will be hard, but i'm willing to do so. <3

    In a planet with the CIS support, a boy was born: with dark hair, smaller than the average baby, a darker skin color, with 2 human parents, Kaling Hadbac was his name. The CIS at first seemed friendly towards the government of said planet, promissing them wealth, security, as long as their people showed support. With small payments, the senate of the planet was being replaced, with now more and more leaders showing support and allegiance to the CIS. Gonoga Hadbac, father of Kaling, was one of the few who stood up for the Republic, talking about the benefits of having a set of laws that benefit their wealthy planet, with good taxes and better health treatment. Bad choices lead to the people going against him, and having him hanged at a public plaza.

    Part 1: Things are going upside down?

    The day started as usual. Aria Hadbac, now a single mother, with dark hair, brown eyes and a white skin, awakened as normal. She sat down in her room, reading a book about the story of the universe. She always was quite impressed on how the wars went, with the Jedi and Sith fighting in the times of the Old Republic.
    - They used actual blades, huh? That's amazing. Nowadays, we only use blasters and light blades...
    Suddenly, her baby started crying. It was no ordinary crying, but a frightened one. She ran to the baby's room, and at the side of his bed, saw ships landing. At the front, a Count landed. He had gray hair, a beautiful beard, brown clothes, with a cape swinging with the wind. The town started to assemble to see what was going on. Aria couldn't believe what she was seeing: ''Dooku? He was supposed to be a Jedi!'' - she thought to herself - '' when did he join politics?? ''

    The man, who saw the agglomeration around him, had a smirk on his face. He was famous, after all. The apprentice of Qui Gon Jinn had quite a reputation, now with his support to the CIS, he grew to be quite the focus.

    - Hello, my dear people of Zoccotis. I come here to tell you about the new leadership towards the CIS. Me, Count Dooku, will be your representative now. All desires shall be granted, and all I ask is your loyalty towards us! - as he spoke, droids started to walk behind him. - These are B1 droids, you probably are familiar with them. They will be your... guardians. To keep Zoccotis safe and free of the Republic, who only wants you to pay bigger taxes and obey to them blindly.

    The crowd cheered for him. He was charismatic, after all. Aria was one of the few who actually believed in the Republic, after all, her husband was killed for only speaking what he believed was right.

    In the plaza, a lone man , in robes, saw all of that. Aria saw him, and didn't know if he was either stupid or brave, but he threw a rock at the Count's ship, who only looked at him in pity.

    - What are you doing? - the man calmly asked.

    - You are lying! My house was searched upside down, our prices are only decaying, we are slaves to you! The CIS no longer represents freedom, but now tyranny!

    - People in here. This man represents what all of you think? - he calmly put his hand on the beard, playing with it.

    Some people said yes, but the remaining people stood quietly. Some were in fear of what would happen, some were cheering for the man to be executed. The Count now smiled and continued:

    - Oh well. I believe public hanging to be... quite inadequate. Droids. You know what to do.

    The public pushed the people who said yes to the front. The droids made them stood on their knees and took their helmets or hoods off. There were 3 men and 2 women. One of them took Aria's attention: was a young man, with dark hair and a pale skin, not much different than what her son would be in the future.

    - Droids. Count to three and shoot them.

    The Count just entered back in his ship. Aria closed the windows, but the shooting, alongside the cheering was too loud for her to avoid. How could those people be publicly executed, just like her husband was not long ago?

    At that night, she couldn't sleep well.
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  2. Very interesting. Now you're giving me ideas for another lore post.
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  4. “Hadback”
    He had a back?
  5. No.
    I mean
    I don't know.
    Backs are a high-level skill.

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