Kavlok Tis Lore (Updated)

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  1. Age: Unknown (wont tell)
    Home Planet: Mandalore
    Known Family: Newphews, Numak & Shulak, (Deceased)
    Sister In law Christa (Deceased)
    Brother Havoc Ti (Deceased)
    Cousin Lawrence: Alive

    Kavlok Ti Was a loving uncle who cherished his nephews as his own sons, Numak Ti and Shulak Ti. He had received the news that Numak had perished to the hands of Darth Maul, at first he was angry, and before it was too late he realized he smashed his own TV, without touching it or throwing anything at it, with fear and realizing his now found abilities he never knew he had, he retreated to the Jedi temple on Coruscant. There he met Jedi Knight Ki Adi Mundi who agreed to teach Kavlok to control his emotions and use the force for good.

    Kavlok was still bothered by the fact that Maul, the sith who took Numaks life was still out there, so He cleared his mind of Darth Maul, forgetting the anger that Maul gave Kavlok, Cerberus/Crow Saw that Kavlok was mourning from his dead family still and had attempted to offer redemption, and to bring them back. Kavlok only sighed and replied “The past is the past, and we are the now, I need to move on from the darkness and carve a new path into the future where the light shines”. Kavlok teaching himself a lesson had the idea to follow his masters footsteps and insert his memories of Numak and Shulak into his green crystals, he now forgot them but crushing the crystals will give back the memories he lost. He Doesn’t want the memory of his family to anger him into the dark side of the force and corrupt him, he saw this as his only way.

    Kavlok is possibly one of the oldest Mandalorians in burst link, he may look old but he is more flexible then most, he is hesitant to reveal his age. The scar on his face was caused by a skirmish with a vibroblade on his home Mandalore which involved the death of his brother Havoc, a bounty hunter by the name of Ju'uthar Lokum had come for his head but Kavlok tried to fight him off and was punished for it, the hunter left with Havocs head that day. he has white pupils due to a birth defect, He also takes a hobby in collecting Saber parts. And has recently been a wielder of a relic which has a twin similar to Pyle's hilt, Although only him and Pyle know about them. He knows what unfortunate events Crow has been planning for, but will not tell anyone of this knowledge, "its better to keep the peace in the ship while it lasts."

    Pyle was like a second brother to Kavlok, they would always fight side by side together and would achieve victorious, They were both trained under Knight Ki Adi Mundi and promoted by him as well. When the so called Jedi Master Lawrence had appeared with a Holocron with a message from Pyle detailing how he had joined Crow under the influence of retrieving his sister, it had shattered a corner of Kavlok's heart knowing his best friend and Brother like pal had left him. Kavlok knew that holding a grudge was not the Jedi way and made his blessings to the force for Pyle in hope he comes to his senses.

    The Only Living Relative that is known to the Burst Link Thus far for Kavlok, is Jedi Master Lawrence.
    Lawrence is a distant cousin, but although has the same similar birth defect as Kavlok, White Pupils.
    Not much is known about
    Lawrence, only a few Jedi know about what he really does, Infiltrating the enemy and gaining information.
    Lawrence has a tendency to "Break in" and "attack" dressed as a
    Sith to rouse everyone's attention, if this is a game to him, nobody finds it hilarious other than worrying to say the least.
    Kavlok has yet to hear from his cousin, but he is eager to see him again.

    Kavlok dreams of finding a utopia planet with every gourmet food a Mandalorian could ever want, known by some, but kept in secret like El dorado, He has heard of such a planet just beyond reach in the outer rim, unexplored and barren to be explored by those brave enough to enter Virgin space and the unknown. Kavlok likes the taste of adventure and is always in a positive mood no matter the circumstance, he could be sent on a life or death mission and he would look on the better side of things, "a positive mind always has a good relationship with fortune." He knows Lots of secrets and lore that most people do not, at least jedi lore that is, he has knowledge and information that was passed down by his deceased nephew Numak ti, it was all stored in a Holopad in case he were to ever die and not pass on the information.

    Kavlok has grown quite fond of his new Padawan Kannui, He reminds Kavlok of the days when he was a young man still prowling the streets with his brother Havoc, He feels a bond with him, but Kavlok knows this will tamper with him in the future if he doesn't control his emotions soon.
    He feels as though Kannui's time is near to mature.....

    Kavlok has been receiving word that a bounty hunter by the name of Ju'uthar Lokum has been prowling about again, The so called "Alleged" Killer of Kavloks brother and sister in law who had brutally slain them in cold blood over a feud which is still unclear with who, This catches Kavloks attention; but not enough to anger him or stir him the wrong way.
    He knows that if this bounty hunter shows up, Kavlok may have to confront him, and its like they say " What comes around goes back around".
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