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    "The enemy advances, we retreat; the enemy camps, we harass; the enemy tires, we attack; the enemy retreats, we pursue."

    Information about Keeli Company
    KC specializes in guerrilla warfare, which is a series of unorthodox tactics to overwhelm the enemy. Tactics include ambushes, sabotages, raids, petty warfare, hit-and-run tactics, and mobility to fight a larger enemy. This is seen with the units stationed on Ryloth when the troopers set up an ambush to hold off the enemy advance. KC also uses skirmisher formations when engaged in an open environment, where very little or no cover is involved. We also specialize in demolitions, which are the role of the rocketeers.
    Skirmisher Formation: Notice how they are all spreads out; emphasis on the spacing. Mostly used in a large open battlefield with no cover whatsoever. This Formation can also be referred to as Windows and Walls.
    Linear Ambush Formation:
    • Assault Teams - Consists of 3 elements: Assault element, Support element, and the Command element. The Assault element is tasked with springing the ambush; the Support element is tasked with keeping the enemy in the Kill zone, and the Command element is tasked with coordinating the entire ambush.
    • Security Teams - Tasked with blocking any escape routes while also playing a support role if necessary.

    Main Roles of the Rocketeers:
    (Only those who are PFC+ or chosen by the CO are eligible for rocketeer training)
    The rocketeers are only used against heavily armored targets and or against large groups of enemies. The rocketeers can also use their rocket launchers on buildings or anything they are ordered to shoot with their rockets. Rocketeers are not designated to fire their rockets on a single enemy, due to it is a waste of ammo. They are also to call out the direction they are firing and what they are firing at.

    Battle Stations: Keeli is to stay in MHB or Hangers A and B. Rocketeers jobs are to shoot down invading landing crafts and any fighters that enter the hangers.


    Jedi General

    Kit Fisto/artic (LOA)

    Jedi Commander

    Current Keeli CO

    FSGT Odds [GEN 1]

    Current Keeli XO

    Keeli CPL
    Frenzic XO
    Guardian RT

    Keeli LCPL

    Keeli SPC
    Red RT

    Keeli PFC

    Keeli PVT

    Keeli Grunts

    Very Active
    Very Inactive

    Wall of Honor:
    Lance Corporal Dogberry [GEN 3]
    Specialist Lit [GEN 3]
    Corporal Arctic [GEN 1]
    Staff Sergeant Winters [GEN 1]
    Private First Class Miles [GEN 1]
    Private First Class Alias [GEN 1]
    Private First Class Flame [GEN 1]
    Private First Class Williams [GEN 1]
    Private Aris [GEN 1]
    Private Jason [GEN 1]
    Keeli Bravo ARC trooper Ripskilt [GEN 1]
    Keeli Jedi Knight Kari [GEN 1]
    First Sergeant Oppah [GEN 4]
    Sergeant Chapel
    Lance Corporal Tragic
    Staff Sergeant Finch

    1.) Troopers are expected to follow orders of anyone that is in an officer position.

    2.) Troopers are expected to do what’s right upon the situation that they are under in.

    3.) Failrp or minging is intolerable, and as a result, will lead to either a demotion or a suspension (kick out), depending on the severity.

    4.) Not following orders from an officer will result in disciplinary action.

    5.) Troopers are expected to perform well in combat, failure to do so will result in extensive training or a suspension.

    6.) Abuse of the RPS-6 is not tolerable, and will either result in a dishonorable discharge of rocketeer and to be put back into a trooper, or worst case scenario, permanently banned from Keeli Company.
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  2. Edit 1
    changed Gizmo from CDT/Grunt to PVT along with activity updates
  3. Edit 2
    added North as Keeli Grunt
    also changed Entry rank from Cadet to Grunt
  4. Edit 3
    Moved guardian to SPC due to mingey behavior
    moved Gizmo to PFC
    moved North to PVT
    changed activity symbols
  5. Edit 4
    New CO due to PK
    Added Mori to Grunt
    Added SSGT Finch to Wall of Honor
    added Kit Fisto to Jedi General
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  7. Edit 5
    Removed Mori because he became yellow
    Added Alistair to Keeli/RT since he's an old player and Oppah said he was a good boy.
    Changed North, and Wheat to Inactive and put Gizmo and Artic on LOA
    moved Guardian and Frenzic to LCPL and CPL
  8. Keeli RT with rockets go boom boom
  9. Edit 6
    removed Wheat and North for Inactivity
    moved Alistair to Inactive
  10. Edit 7
    Removed Alistair from Keeli RT and took him off list for now
    Gizmo promoted to SPC
    Added Honey to rank Grunt then PVT
    Added Red and promoted him to PFC (awaiting ARC training)
    Moved Frenzic to Inactive
    Moved Guardian to rank CPL
  11. Edit 8
    Promoted Frenzic to the XO position (now we share the same skin)
    Forced to remove Frenzic from RT
    Promoted Red to SPC and RT

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