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    Elite level
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    Attachment 1: equipable/dequipable helmet
    Attachment 2: equipable/dequipable flame thrower attachment to left arm(shown in picture)
    Attachment 3: equipable/dequipable blast shield

    -try and thicken the arms a bit, it's wierd to have huge armor and anerexic arms

    - the glowing red eye is already good with Krill and cotton

    - for the symbols on the right side ( left part of body) is to give respect towards my grandfather since of his passing yesterday, he was a marine pilot in the fifth air force during the korean war

    - coloring within the shoulders has been also okayd
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    - updated to requirements of design for elite package,

    - will change if this doesn't work
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  3. That’s not Jugg armor...
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  4. These also aren't CGI.
  5. I'll fix it today bro ;)
  6. I like it besides naval could use armour incase we get jumped in the bridge
  7. The jodhpur pants combined with the clone armor look very nice.
  8. I'm redoing the design, gonna do a jugg model concept
  9. To some stuff, it's for sure a jugg model concept. I'll fix the helmet at some point and get the color scheme/ stuff on it fixed so ye
  10. Updated.

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