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Should I include the final officer..?

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  1. Yes do it

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  2. No do not

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  1. God
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  2. Please do
  3. Updated
    Added 4 DAs
    Updated roster

  4. •Updated.
    • removed Bestguy from the DOs for inactivity
    • Increased the size of Pilots to 10
    • Joker Squadron for pilots has been created, and I hear Pilot Karma will lead it

    Spade squad consists of Mains
    Joker squad consists of 2nd characters
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  5. •Fleet Meeting at 7pm est.
    Don't be late
  6. my 2nd character needs to be added to roster im DO Officer POG3 Kesselring
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  7. - Naval Crew and Department NCO's have been unavailable due to Finals/ Weather.
    Will be requesting the DA NCO for assistance in tryouts/2nd life tryouts for Friday/Saturday
  8. •Esu is now independent!
    I trust Giant that he won't fail ESU , and with 2nd Life, ESU will be successful!!!
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  10. Will be updating soon but...

    Sadly The fleet have lost an awesome Naval. Officer Rains will be honored for his loyalty and kindness:(
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    •Officers Creed, moth, Guy, Jelts, and Kratos have been revoked from 2nd Life. And Removed from Fleet for inactivity. Removed Rains since He resigned.

    •added new 5 Officers

    • Will be recruiting DMs
  12. Removed bestguy from fleet.
  13. why
  14. Minging, reports of RDM on 2days one on June 26th, and June 30th.

    + I gave him a chance to prove himself since he was inactive which he has failed.
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  15. aw poo
    yesterday i gave him my gun in a battle
  16. he also refused to let like an a2c fly for a bit on brutus event i think
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    Current Updates coming* to roster.

    • Units who got promoted
    • Units who will be removed
    • Units recently added to the roster.

    - will be meeting up with the right people to fix the burstlink laws so the justice system on the ship can work and be operated under CG / Court Cases.
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    • Updates
    - Updated Pilot roster
    - Updated Fleet roster
    If I have missed any officer please tell me your Officers Department, Rank and Name.

    - Have been including more training for this week. And will be Having Major PT today for Fleet at 8pm est.

    - Will be including " Naval Talks" to teach people what Fleet does, How to operate the ship with topics of Detection , Sonar operations. And etc.

    If any EMs want to learn how Fleet Works so they can implement a space battle. Contact me or go to my Naval Talks. They are scheduled




    • Sunday
  19. @Kerk I think you missed me
    DA Officer ARM Julius
    Also I cant make it to the training, sorry by the way

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