Kirk's 2week LOA ( 12days tbh)

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  1. My final exams are taking place in 2weeks . So to pass and get a good grade because .

    40% for semester 1
    40% for semester 2
    20% final exams

    If I do well I will pass the next grade so for my absence of Leadership. I will be Requiring My Higher Ranking Officers. Rains , Picard and Vitas to deal with tryouts and Physical Training.for a note If you are on and there's 5 Officers do PT .

    Also for a notice I am replacing the Intelligence Officer with the Navigation Officer , And Weapons Officer will be Now a Gunner Officer. And developing the Naval Doctrine.

    Judge and Jury will stay .

    I Might think Of Appointing Picard as Head Of Navigations or Head of J.T.A.C

    Zack will be Appointed as Head Of Gunner Officers or ( Head of G.Os when he returns from his LOA )

    Reggie will be Head of Science
    And Vitas Will be still the Judge.

    Finally I will come back Next Monday but then I have to return back to studying , once Finals are done . I Will return and do as planned to me 1 to 2 good events . Maybe even 3 if it's the Weekend, to keep good intentions going. Any
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  2. goog luck on finals kirk my friend
  3. Good luck my man

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