Kix's ban appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals/Request' started by Mute, Dec 5, 2017.

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  1. SEND EM lmao
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    *puts on fedora*
    how dare yee kix we are on this planet to respact waman
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  3. Respoct waman suitch a Vick
  4. [​IMG]
    Gonna buy this shirt cause thats just how much I R e s p e k W a h m e n
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  5. You cant hold out on us like that.
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  6. my advert was important and completely relevant to the situation
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  8. y e s
  9. 1458114607067.jpg
    GO! powerrangers
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  10. He got a permaban for this? I mean- sure he was just being a asshole- but that doesn't deserve a Perma-ban, I've seen thing's before in this community where people have done worse and not have gotten a perma, Overall a week or a four day ban should be given rather then just a Perma-ban, it seems just to excessive. Sure the advert thing was a bit much- but I don't find it suitable for a Perma-ban and such. @Mute Sure you did a bad thing and disrespected someone but I believe you shouldn't of been Perma-banned and such, Like I said I might be repeating myself his punishment should atleast be a week- at standard.
  11. I Thought he would be unbanned by now
  12. i mean there was alot of backlash so idk
  13. I thought he was banned for more than this
    Idk i wasn't there
  14. the real crime here was the horrible event
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  15. That's what happens when you give everyone starfighters..
  16. we already lost net neutrality
  17. I'll post a response tonight when I get home
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  18. I'll be straight forward with this, Mercy never went to Mustang. She went to me about the situation and Mustang just happened to show up in the middle of said conversation. It would have gone up the chain of command and eventually would have reached Mustangs ears either way. It just happened hell of a lot sooner. While I personally do feel as though a Permanent ban was a bit much, It's not my really my place to try to enforce my opinion on Mustang for the situation. Now, In my personal opinion, A demotion from Event Master and perhaps a two week ban would have sufficed for what he did. Hes supposed to represent our server so when he did what he did it could have made us look rather bad in a new players eyes.
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