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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Laser, Jan 13, 2018.

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  1. Steam Name:(BLN Laz)Laserchicken

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:63383012 2

    Hours played on the server

    450+ hours

    What is your age?

    I am 14 years old(Very Very soon 15).

    Do you have previous experience as a staff member on other servers?

    I have experience as a moderator on a old Star Wars RP server.

    What attributes can you bring to our server?

    I can bring a person that seriously wants to help the server and obviously another staff.

    Do you think you're mature enough to be a moderator for our server?

    I do think i am mature enough to be staff and i do take my job seriously. Now i'm not against having fun but when it comes to it i am.

    Will you be active on our server?

    Yes i will be. Now when i got denied last time i was actually in my home country of England(Cite Slice if you need proof). But i tried my very best to get on so i do try to get on. Most days however i do get on at least once a day. I also do get on T.S a lot although i mostly just sit in ARC.

    Do you have a microphone that you can use to communicate and quickly solve problems?

    I do have a microphone that i use all the time.

    Do you know all the rules for the server?

    Yes, if not im willing to learn.

    Do you think our community respects you enough to become a moderator on the server?

    I personally do not see how could have made someone not respect me. I am active and to put myself out there as much as i can.

    Have you ever been punished on our server? If so, what were you punished for?

    No i haven't been punished including warns or anything. My personal goal is to keep it that way.

    Why should we promote you to staff? (at least 100 words) Im not here to be the person to make stuff up so ill be 100% honest here. I want to be staff because i want to help secure the community and try to protect it from idiots here to mess around and make it their playground. Im also wanting to become staff to add that extra layer of things to do. I have seen a lot of times in which i have seen people that needed whitelisting etc. I want to be able to help in that scenario. Now i personally don't 100% agree with all the random stuff that Resh does sometimes but i do want to help him and the staff team run the server, and also get to know him better.


    I really do want to be staff but i just dont think ive gotten to know Resh enough for him to trust me. But idk im gonna keep trying and improving. I don't know if this message helps or hurts me but idk i just wanted to put this here so people do actually understand my true stance.
    Hasn't been two weeks
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