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Discussion in 'Staff Commendations' started by Padawan Capser, Mar 9, 2019.

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  1. today lighthaven made a great event and included everyone in it. it was a stealth event with everyone going incognito and went undercover to kill a corrupt senator.After that he even brought it back to the ship and still carried it out with everyone being included with alot of RP doing the best he could keeping up with all of the @/me's and in the end even medical RP.To sum this up Lighthaven should not be a trainee
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  2. Lighthaven makes some top tier events he needs to be promoted to full EM after the recent events. I 100% +1 this!
  3. lighthaven might be shit at playing drukhari but he's good at playing puppetmaster

    he's a good event boy
  4. Just have to insult me dont You :( Never can be fully kind
    (Plus I'd totally Wreck you at Drukhari)

    All jokes aside, thankyou all for the kind words. Im glad that people enjoy what I do
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  5. hey man if im nice all the time then people will think im a decent person
    sorry pussycat my street cred is more important
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  6. Girl having street cred Lul
    You already blew that when you hosted a furry talk show
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  7. His event quality has been incredibly consistent, and his passion as an EM strongly reflects from his events. He's 110% deserving of full EM.

    It's a +1 from me

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  8. Great quality of events and great improvisational ability that throws me back to when our old EM Staff was still kicking. Only gripes I have with him is that all of his events are bRitIsSh (early morning), but he's well deserving of some recognition.
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  9. I'm going to miss the really good events ughhhhh
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  10. this post is fucking depressing now.
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