Lore/Leadership Contest! Create and lead a 2nd life Merc faction!

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  1. The Contract has been signed.
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  2. It'd be a real shame if I posted about opum here you crybaby Xenu lol don't being up his name and act disgusted lel
  3. it aint just me pal, everybody finds opum a meme and a shitty villain that you would put into everything. Just like zero, only remarkable because death=pks.
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  4. Yeah I find it funny how "everyone" can be salty over something half a year ago dumbass, way to keep bringing him up! I love the attention
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  5. hey i know hitting your head as a kid must've hurt but you're the one that made every character you played a ignesis and that kept bringing him up in 90% of other threads, im just saying.
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  6. why you have to be mad, is only game
  7. hehe
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  8. Because yes
  9. demoted to CA Janitor
  10. Lemme be a CA janitor, it will help with our saber combat by mopping floors
  11. You don't need to speak from personal experience. We all know you are retarded but hey man I don't judge. And it's funny that 3 characters are "ALL" so way to exaggerate. Why don't you become an em first for a while and see how it is.
  12. Yeah, you tell em Spring ! Xenu doesn't know the struggles of being an EM !
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  13. You absolute fool, you cretin, you bumbling oaf.
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  14. i think that says it all, not even going to bother anymore
  15. But I came here to play Star Wars RP...Guess I will just...go home.... :(
  16. LMAOOO
  17. bro he's been an em but he's just salty space isis was denied bro
  18. The Only reason he's salty is because it had the most thought put into into it, compared to the others

    That is:
    The Bantha Wranglers

    These mean sons of bitches are what happens when you cross breed an angry Tusken Raider, a human mother, and a whole tone of daddy issues. Stemming from the shit hole of a planet Tatooine, The Bantha Wranglers are a bunch of angry motherfuckers, doing one thing and one thing only, surviving. Out in the wasteland of a desert, there's only one thing that matters and that being survival. As stated before these mean sons of bitches only goal for the end of the day is to make it to the next. Their moral compass is always focused up North, whatever they'll do to wake up the next morning, you can bet your sweet ass they'll do. Whether it's for equipment, food, or credits, whatever type of shit has stained their hands will never be dirty enough in their eyes.

    Now I'm sure most of y'all reading this will have no idea why anyone in their sweet mind would ever want to fuck a Tusken Raider, or why even want to associate with on of them. To answer that stupid as shit question, we got to roll the clock back a good 10-15 years ago.

    Now the shit all started when a group of Banking clan supported cultists were tossed onto Coruscant to start shit down in the under-levels. Not being total dipshits, the security forces caught on quick and managed to detain them before any considerable damage was dealt. Unfortunately there was bit of issue shipping them over to a Republic prison in the Outer Rim, some absolute dipstick managed to hyper-drive to the wrong co-ordinates, ending up in Tatooine's atmosphere instead. Deciding that it'd be too much of a bother, and considering how long they had to go, they put half of the cultists into an escape pod and shot them towards the planet's surface. Un-fucking-fortunately for them, the crazy bastards managed to survive. Who soon became enthralled with the idea of serving their "Tusken overlords" for centuries to come.

    Of course the Tusken Raiders wanted jack shit to do with them, but the cultists still persisted. Now a smart listener would be asking at this point, "Hey, aren't women unable to carry the children of Tusken Raiders?" Now that's a good point, but believe me, it's a wonder as to what a combination of black melons & distilled Kyrat venom would do to the woman's womb. Now a minority of these soul-sucking hybrids of human and humanoid beasts, are lucky to be actually able to walk, let alone function. As most offspring of them result in a sort of mushy living mass, with the average lifespan of give or take 5 minutes.

    These Half bloods are outcasts in Tusken society, while they keep them around to ensure the strength of the clan prevails, it doesn't mean they're treated nicely. Many are left to fend for themselves, causing a small minority to become even smaller, for those who do manage to survive in those conditions, are beasts of unparalleled mental fortitude. To make sure that each clan is aware as to what these things are, they tattoo only half of their clan insignia upon their forearms. To show the other clans that these beings are half of a "Pure" Tusken. Along with a brass coin with, imprinted with the clans insignia.

    Like their counterparts, using bandages to block out the sun is necessary, however due to their human/Tusken genes, they have a bit better resilience to strong sunlight. Their figures are identical to humans, with a below average intelligence, as compared to your run-of-the-mill human. Fortunately their muscles are well honed, due to frequent damage and subsequent repair of the muscles every day of their lives. Survival is its own sport in a way.

    Each one's survival instincts control how they live their life, materialistic goods are not a luxury they can afford. The only thing they seek is what can help them to survive until the following morning. Relying on their Gaderffi sticks and any other weapons they are able to scrounge up, steal, make, or otherwise obtain, they use to their advantage in the daily struggle against the environment they live in.

    Eventually most "Tuskanoids" would have enough wit to finally run away from their abusive "Fathers". Eventually falling in line with others just like them and creating gangs. Most wouldn't last long, often dying or breaking apart. However, to this date, the largest & subsequently most dangerous gang of said Tuskanoids, were refered to as the "Bantha Wranglers". Due to their aforementioned love of hunting Tusken Raiders and participating in large feasts of their beloved rides. Some speculate that this is a form of revenge for their cruel upbringing of the Tuskanoids, yet others beg to disagree.

    Hell, I'm just some crazy old coot telling you a story, but if you're really interested. Then I'd recommend reading this piece of fine art.
    Preferably with some music to follow.

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  19. This one should win ^^^^
  20. legit this is actually well done

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