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  1. In-Game Name: Padawan Lupus

    Steam name: Seraphic_Chaos

    Steam ID:

    Age: 19

    Timezone: Central Daylight Time

    Why do you want to apply? (100 words minimum): I want to try for a second chance as I was in high school at the time of being made a trainee EM. I am out of high school and am able to be a lot more active (almost daily) I genuinely have fun on this server and would like to support it by engaging more. I had fun running sims and doing late night on-ship events and plan on doing more should you allow me. Plus the idea of creating an ongoing story and plot seems really interesting and as I previously mentioned would like to give it another shot

    Why should we accept you? (125 words minimum):
    In my events I plan on focusing more on mystery, allowing more options for both force role play as well as being sure that each battalion has SOME meaningful role that coincides with their core function be it stealth based, medical based or a hostage rescue situation. I strive to make each event feel like a true battlefield (of course with a bit of practice) and I am always open for criticism and suggestions for future events. As stated, I do plan on being as active as possible, allowing for me to do more events. I am also willing to help with simulations to keep people entertained while on ship. With my work schedule being mainly late shifts I could also do late night events for those who happen to be on at the time maybe keeping people on for a bit longer.
    What ideas do you have for new events?:
    As stated before, I want to incorporate some mystery elements to my events as well as give a place form more RP oriented missions. More force rp for those who want to become a consular and more job specific rp for the different battalions

    Are you willing to do events every 2 days or less?: Absolutely now that I have more free time

    Do you have previous experience as Gamemaster at all?: I have done sims for recreation as well as helped in tryouts and late night on ship events for this server

    Overall Community time: I started mid 2018 so almost a year I think

    Time played on the current server: 2w 0d 20h

    Will you commit your off-time to moderate if needed? If I am needed yes

    Are you Staff on any other servers: Super admin on an Icefuse CWRP server turned Dark RP (putting this on there even though I left the server)

    Will you continue to play on the servers if you are demoted? (This won't change much) I stayed the last time I got demoted, it wont change my activity
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    +1 for the dedication of making this app. -2 for not knowing we don't take ems this way anymore. Tryouts are the way you become one now.
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  3. RIP oh well at least its out there
  4. Yea just wait for EM tryouts then yea.
  5. Hehehehe this is why i keep this forum area still here
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  6. A C CE pt E d talk to me
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