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    Been a while since we've had one of these.

    Map: csc_desert edit
    Possible Replacement For: csc_desert propfix (Or maybe keep both?)

    We had this map in the past if I recall correctly. The map is very versatile in event plans with minimal building required. The multiple base locations, well situated and more detailed town, and dividing geographic features could be good. This might have lagged if it was removed? idk.

    Map: rp_nc_industrial17
    Possible Replacement For: gm_overwatch v2 OR rp_city8_canals

    gm_overwatch v2 has gone mostly under the radar as just another combine city map, while we have three great alternatives in city8, city18, and city13. It's very similar to the three with the basic format of having a large combine base and many residential areas. rp_nc_industrial17 can serve the purpose more similar to the other city8 maps. It has an industrial district focus, while still capable of holding civilian residents, and is rather expansive. The objectives can vary, and it looks great. It seems to serve the purpose of city8_canals pretty similarly, except larger.

    Map: rp_monsglacia_crimson
    Possible Replacement For: rp_swrp_snowbase

    Honestly, I really like swrp snowbase as it's a modified emp map. However, I've kind of realized this is essentially snowy rishi moon, with more terrain that's interesting to utilize. It'd be a better alternative to snowbase for sure, with much more detail while still serving the basic event purposes as well.

    Map: gm_drystate 2
    Possible Replacement For: rp_renowasteland

    This is a much more discrete "fallout" map, with a much nicer look than wasteland. Admittedly, no strip. However, the locations, detail, and general design on drystate is pretty rad.

    Map(s): Mining Outpost and Space Station OR
    Possible replacement for: Icarus, Lunar Base??

    Personally I don't think Lunar Base is that bad. However, I definitely think we should have some kind of spacestation or alternate spaceship map with scale like this. The icarus series of maps are puny and irritating with little aesthetic charm. One is the icarus floating over smaller warhammer40k, one is an asteroid field, and the third one just has a second ship that's also bad. Lunar Base at the very least has a detailed and in depth compound. Mining Outpost is a great location to have for some events, even though it seems kind of niche. Fun stuff, better than Icarus.

    Map: Coruscant Underworld
    I know this had some issues, but it'd be cool to have back. Star Wars esque cities are rare to come by. Could be a nice alternative to Cyberpunk C17 and Nar Shadaa.

    Map: rp_episodeone

    I think we had this once before as well. Not really anything new, but the sheer scale of this map is crazy man.

    Also like no one uses rp_fmc2.
    It's like the downtown maps but like worse imo

    Thank you for reading.
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  2. its been my favorite map for years :O
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