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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Hector, Jul 30, 2019.

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  1. Like rules regarding tryouts, how co/xo meetings are run (ie voting for promotions for ranks), etc so newer fellas can be brought up to speed on things here, or so things can be better clarified
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  2. Even as a vet I don't know most of these unspoken rules
  3. +1 v good idea.
  4. unspoken rules should never be enforced
    you are actively stacking the odds against people when you do that
    how are they supposed to know they're doing something wrong if it's not written down
    if it is finalized and written down and they still break it now it is their fault for either not reading or ignoring it
    a win/win.
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    I agree for the minor stuff like how tryouts are run or how CO/XO's should be. Things that may be unwritten that cover serous shit should still be enforced such as toxicity, malicious activity, forms of abuse, retaliation, harassment, ect.

    These things should be considered common sense; although, I have meet some people in the past who act like if it isn't written down then they can get away with it.

    Be a decent human being y'all.
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  6. Perfect way to put this man jesus you spoke my mind and my tight twinky asshole

    Ask vester tester masterbester to put it to his list
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