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    UNION - The “unassigned” of hl2RP, their job is to patrol the streets and keep the civilians in check, asserting the authority of the combine.

    UNION DvL: Smiles

    HELIX - The Medical Unit, there job is to aid the CP, dealing with any wounds they might have, and on rare occasions, healing the civilians.

    HELIX DvL: Oliver

    GRID - They’re trained to repair the CP’s equipment, weaponry, choppers etc, they were also seen manning the Combine Scanners.

    GRID DvL: None

    JURY - The unit that brings fear to the civilians, their job is to deliver verdicts on the prisoners, and if one was to be amputated, the JURY would be handling it, they were also seen interrogating civilians for information, with the torturing devices they had access to.

    JURY DvL: None

    PRESSURE - This Division dealt with any Infestation, armed with their flamethrowers, they would burn civilians alive to make sure no one else would get infected.

    PRESSURE DvL: None

    SWORD - These Unit’s could easily do both the UNION’s and the PRESSURE’s job, handpicked by the CmD himself, hearing their name struck fear into the civilians, and sometimes the low ranking CP’s

    SWORD DvL: Yoichi

    PHANTOM - This division is an undercover unit dressed as civilians to infiltrate rebel bases and gather information to give back to it’s DvL.

    PHANTOM DvL: None
  2. I feel like there should be more Jury, since they are very important to the prison aspect of the roleplay.
  3. Currently being worked on, if you have any suggestions to improve the way we can recruit or set up the MPF. Feel free to leave them in the suggestions section.
  4. Will there ever be such DvL application or will they be picked, because we do need some more DvL as of currently, seeing as how Jury already has someone in it without a current DvL.
  5. >amputation
    ive never played a half life game do they actually do this?
  6. Yes, and I want to make helix active and maybe I can switch to jury after but for now, I think 553 is next in line for it. Just needs to show activity
  7. We're looking to the fill the position of Division Leader purely on the MPF applicants who get accepted. This being said, we look for maturity, activity and overall leader/management skills, so coming into the MPF on the server showing these types of things to us will definitely get those spots filled.

    Amputation is a word used by the combine in replacement of execute or kill. It essentially grants the user permission once said by a Dvl(Division Leader+) to kill the citizen/person.
  9. Denied
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