Music Suggestions (Zack Hemsey List)

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  1. I did like Fives's death theme
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  2. I have that never ending search for good battle music, sadly most songs are like max of 6 minutes if your lucky. I'll hand a few songs that would be good for Certain Situations.
    -Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Lighthouse

    -Warriors to the end


    -In the house, In a heartbeat(Metro Exodus)
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  3. I fucking love these.
  5. Here is a few more.
    -Magi OST - Notre Empire.

    -Magi OST - Valse 'Hot'

    This is just music by Shiro Sagisu, Don't even get me started on Hiroyuki Sawano's music. That shit is some grade A Awesomeness.
  6. Good decision my friend

  7. This is a good action track. The others in this album are pretty good too.
  8. Finna just put some Shiro Sagisu here,don't mind me

    -At the Very Beginning

    -Ultimate Soldier


    -In My Spirit

    -Who Will Know
  9. -Persecution of the Masses

    -The Final Decision we all Must Take

    -The Wrath of God in all it's Fury



    i did the thingers like Amatex did because i'm unoriginal as fuck and because that's a really neat way to put things

  10. it's a bit 'new age', so might not be to most folks' taste.

    i listen to it when writing/studying/trying to relax.

    do not recommend listening to this while driving.

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