My Activeness.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oliver, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. I know I'm not as Active that i use to be anymore, since School started it has sliced my hours in between servers, I have other servers I play on so this is how I'll designate my hours, 3 hours on BLN and 3 hours on another, I do have jobs on other servers, I know its not active but Im sure I will have a snow day tomorrow and I wont have any school so I'll have alot of hours to play tomorrow hopefully Deadlock can help run the battalion due to my in activeness- I also want to apologize for me being a asshole lately, Yesterday I officially got pissed for once and for anyone I yelled at I'm sorry for doing so, I know a Sorry won't cut it, but It's all I can do-I will also be trying to get on today to do tryouts! CG has been updated with a few things that I'm happy about, Thanks to Resh we got unarrest batons! Thanks Resh! Once again I will be doing tryouts to get some more troopers for CG, I know we're a little small we only have 2-3 troopers, but they're good troopers in my eyes, hopefully we can grow CG more! I will be departing now since my Business and Management teacher are starting to suspect I'm not doing my work- so until I get on!
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