My Final Event suggestions? :)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Spring, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. If you wanna know why I am resigning you can add me on steam "Opum Ignesis (Spring)" or just pm me. (Spoiler, it's about life but not resh or anything so ye, I wanna end on good terms with something I love)

    Any suggestions, mentions or anything in all. I am creative so even so I can add everything to my event :) just time

  2. I don't have any ideas other then make us ALL die
  3. Lol another time b xD nothing too complicated cause I'd have to explain

    If I have time in life I will reapply and then end da hole wurld x:)
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  4. I'll defiantly miss you man. You better come back
  5. Hell I would If I have the first chance my dood
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  6. I love you. I have to tell you something...I'm carrying your child....


    For real. You are awesome and I will genuienly miss you. It's always hard to see one of the O G B O I Z go. Good luck man. Stay safe <3
  7. Hot damn, your taking off? HEH, well take care ma'dude and hurry back.

    Also no ideas here, thus why im not EM lol.
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  8. At least u yeet
    And I swear to god you better be in my event boi, I got my plans for uuuu :) hehehrhrheh
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  9. rip
    shiny and new

    i'll miss you
  10. You can bet your ass i'll be there. (Unless it's super late or not on during the weekend)
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  11. Check your inbox.
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  12. I got a good one from krayt, lutpug and some others. When I can I will plan and make an announcement later on maybe next week
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  13. Denied on that leave
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  14. BUT I gotta go to the bathroom
  15. denied
  16. Ok opum will do u in ur sleep bud. Have fun
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  17. Shit

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