My LOA from my LOA, after my LOA to begin an LOA in correspondence to my LOA.

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    Yeah. I got bored of Star-Wars RP. I found some other things to do as well. I might log on every now and then, but Im not going to be active too much.

    RIP Twitchy. Tried to enjoy a bowl of DC puffs and then remembered he was only a robot.


    Oh, and fuck CG as always. (Except my boi Artus)

    Thats about all I got. I'll come back on when my extreme cancer from the community clears up.
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  2. oh i see how it is
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  4. Im going for the throne. User, King of the LOA.
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  5. "King of LOAs"
    You don't stand near close to others
  6. Tbh homie should just be banned from the forums for 30 days so the LOA spam stops until he actually wants to play
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  7. ikr
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