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Are you Homosexual and do you like your DI ?

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    Email/Name used to donate:

    Amount Paid: like 30 credits my dude

    Package(s) You Purchased: Titan level Customization (on sale)
    Additional Information/Armor designs:
    1. The blue parts should glow like the visor
    2. I'd like my numbers (1314) on the backpack
    3. For my three attachements, i'd like the Demolition experts backpack and a Holo emitter (as seen on the pictures), a comms thing on the ear (like the old RCC models) and a pistol holster
    4. Make the armor look used, maybe add some little blood stains on the legs
    5. Bodygroups pls
    Thanks dad !
  2. Looks cool as fuck but would be gay as shit to do since the RC textures are ass
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  3. say no homo before doing it
  4. axton is cool
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  5. bump it
  6. Dew it
  7. NEIN!

  8. Don't you mean "JA JA JA!"?
  9. Nein, mein Kampf ist schwer zu sagen, ich hasse diese Menge, BITTE NEIN
  10. B O P _ _ _ I T

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  11. boppeed
  12. [ B ]op It
  13. Change your signature or you're getting banned
  14. he said he'd change it if he got unbanned
  15. Changed it for him
  16. so is he unbanned?
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  17. fuck no
  18. oh ok
  19. lemmie get a oof x2

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