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  1. So to get this straight the family tree is
    Consort: Canis Lupus (Disowned/Removed?)
    Son: Nord (Disowned/Removed)
    Brother: Shay (Adopted)
    and a few meme pets and a meme cousin
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  2. The memes are just memes, dont take it seriously. It's beening revamped and will continue be to fixed/updated. Shay being adopted into the family will always be set in stone.
  3. what are you doing stepbro
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    Even without the memes (I included the word meme in my post because I knew it wasn't serious) you shouldn't be surprised when people say "The Stratton family tree is getting out of hand".

    Even if you have retconned your lore since then, what is done is done. It was a meme for a long time because of how it just kept expanding. Hell even I was apart of your storyline (Though I wouldn't be surprised if you retconned me out after the fact like Nord and Canis). It genuinely did seem like it was getting out of hand from the original scope of the story you made when you first did the reveal. Even if you retconned it don't be surprised when people still make the meme.


    That being said the original post Pyle made was pretty stupid. I said the quote "The Stratton family tree was getting out of hand" as reference to the meme. Not in actual seriousness.
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  5. Take certain things into consideration next time around. What Pyle posted was something on his behalf without my acknowledgment, and if I was aware I'd see why the joke is was still relevant.
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    And what exactly are you demanding I take into consideration? I believe we both agree the point of the original post by Pile is stupid. Looks like the entire community agrees from the original responses. However that doesn't mean myself and others are forbidden from memeing on the post. I think you'd be hard pressed to state that we need your permission every time you are referenced in a meme.

    To preempt any arguments of toxicity, while I have supported you in the past on a professional level, that yes some memes take it to far, I'm going to have to fundamentally disagree with you on the fact that the quote above rises or even comes close to the bar needed to make that argument.

    Therefore, having taken the argument of toxicity out it seems your only argument seems to be "I don't think it's funny so don't do it anymore." You are free to correct me if I am wrong in this assumption, as I am sure you will.

    The first part of the argument "I don't think it's funny-" is a simple argument to address. Simply put, I don't really care. The joke wasn't made for you, it was directed towards the greater community who seemed to enjoy it at the time.

    Then let's go into the second part of the argument, "-so don't do it anymore." The only time I can see where your authorization is needed to make a joke is if the joke would have been otherwise unauthorised to create. The only example I am able to think where a joke would have been prohibited to make is if it rises to the level of toxicity. As stated above, when this argument is put to the test it utterly fails on the merits. This is an extremely high threshold to meet so in good spirit I will also put your hypothetical argument to a lower standard; the harm done principle. Simply put this principle examines the harm caused to the party and then goes from there. I will repost the quote again for another analysis.
    To say that this simple quote caused you extreme or even moderate harm would be a far reach. If it has in fact caused you this level of harm feel free to correct me and state you argument. I am very interested to hear your case for moderate to extreme harm. After ruling out extreme and moderate harm all that exists is minimal harm done to you. Now let's weigh this against the harm done to myself and this community if it was prohibited from making jokes or statements that cause you minimal harm. Simply put, it would have a chilling effect on the entire community.

    Until now I have purposely neglected to use the term "free speech" due to it's association with the American government and the fact that the legal term doesn't apply to a private entity such as Burst Link Networks. However, this term is strongly associated with the idea of "free marketplace of ideas" and "freedom of expression". To understand why these ideas exist and are so ingrained in a democratic society we must create a comparison scenario using the principles of act utilitarianism and rule utilitarianism. Very briefly act refers to a singular instance and rule creates a broader rule for society to follow.

    Act Utilitarianism: "I don't like the meme, it harms me minimally, but if you are going to make any statements or jokes at my expense you must seek my permission regardless of the minimal harm done to myself."

    We must now balance this with rule utilitarianism. The reason this is done is because you are not special and are not above anyone else in this community. If you wish to make this argument you are free to do so and I shall leave it up to the greater community to correct you.

    Rule Utilitarianism: "Any statement or joke that has even a minimal harm on the person, must have prior permission from the individual harmed before the joke or statement can be made." Needless to say, if this rule was created within society and this community it would have a extreme chilling effect on the free marketplace of ideas.

    So please tell me, aside from your displeasure what must "I take into consideration" in the future when making this statement?

    edit: This post was made in good fun, I'm not actually trying to yeet the girl. Only reason it is so long is simply because I enjoyed making it.
  7. Memes dead, time to pack it up and go home boys.
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