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    Policy & Protocols:

    1. Deployment Policy:

    If a Naval Staff has been deployed on ground operation the chain of command is designated towards the Grand Army of the Republic rather than the Republic Navy. All Naval Personnel must oblige towards Army personnel. The Deployment Policy may be voided if the Second Hand Order Initiative is active.

    2. Code Red Ship Routine Procedure:

    All Naval units must get to the Command Center and start to report check-ins from each Army personnel within the ship. The Following essential areas must be guarded at all times: Jedi Room, Reactor Room, Command Center and Bridge, Secondary priorities are all open access ports (AKA Hangers), Medical Bay and Armory. Each Naval Units must direct Army units towards each sector of the ship to intercept and defend against the enemy’s assault

    3.Naval Doctorine
    4. Second Hand Order Initiative:

    Only can be executed by High command. Upon execution of the order the Deployment Policy will be voided and the Republic Navy will have designated command over the Grand Army of the Republic until deployment operation has been concluded. It is imperative that all Naval Officers must attend Officer Ground Control Tactics.

    5. Takeoff & Landing Procedures:

    Whenever a Ship is beginning to take off Naval Officers must provide the Aircraft with a 5-digit Clearance code which the Pilot has to remember it to land back on the ship.

    If an Unknown Starship (Not registered with our ship's local Pilot system) approaches for landing upon the ship, Naval Officer must obtain the following information: 12-Digit Clearance code, Purpose of visit and transmission of Ship's manifest. If verified designate the pilot to available hanger and must mark ship landing dock system which Pilot must remember its given Landing Dock number.
    (Note: If an unknown Starship lands which is not part of the Burst Link, Naval Officer must appropriate Coruscant guards (or any other available units) to preform ship inspection as well as the ship's personnel.

    If Unknown Star ship fails to verify decline the landing. If the ship is determined to land give the ship a warning response as well as prompting Troops to be on standby for Code Red procedure.
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