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    All higher class Officers SPOs and above must follow through the expectations of 7 Questions of the goodness of the character of the person being accepted into the Naval Staff and 4 testive questions Jury Staff.

    The Question Aspect for Naval Staff

    1.) Tests the strength of the person , for SPOs and above must make a Simulation for the cadet of how the officer is conducted in space simulations to that they have to have a strategic planning.

    2.) Tests the Intelligence of the person , for SPOs and above , again must make a Simulation of the success of the taking of the planet but the cadet of that Officer must conduct a strong Establishment of communication which from the cadet places choices that can either be good for the upcoming or horribly wrong for the upcoming.

    3.) Tests the Science of the person , for SPOs and above , once again must conduct through the simulation of the planet they have successfully help/ taken . And must conduct and make the cadet Officer to provide medical care and how he can provide it in the Simulation.

    4.) Tests the Maturity

    The SPO or above must ask a simple question " will you be okay being promoted 2.5 weeks (2 ½ weeks) if your loyal and your skills are significantly great and aspected it will be decreased so... What will it be?

    5.) Tests the Flight Skill
    the SPO or Above must conduct the Cadet Officer to be able to fly around the entire ship 3x making sure that Officer does the right request permissions like ( permission to take off or permission to land)

    6.) Policy ; will question if they can follow through
    The last question is this

    * We do not comply with Mingery that can be will a demotion

    * We do not accept abusement of power or communication which will be demoted.

    *If offense or abuse is occurred We will step in for the pride of our Navy.

    7.) Slicing skill,
    This will see if the officer can slice(hack) a mainframe to overtake the problems of just say a shield , Ray shield , ai , and etc

    (Does not have to be required if I'm doing it or you feel like it you can,)

    Then later that officer would be accepted or denied

    Weapons,Science,Intel, Logistics Officer ARM (Name)

    Question Aspect for Jury Staff

    1.) Why do you feel best fit to pursue law and help the ship from unruling unfair Sparks of just of Justice?.

    2.) How well are your skills of law , and law enforcement and can you be trusted with no corruption.

    3.)have you been punished for something that wasn't your fault?

    4.) Will you be loyal to the Judge and Navy and active .

    The that would be accepted or denied would be...
    Jury Officer ARM (Name)
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  2. You have a naval Mega Threat.
    Use it.
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