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  1. god this is worse than CI
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  2. Why would Judicials be considered a medium authority battalion? Or if the battalion itself isnt medium authority, why are specific troopers medium authority?

    One one hand you have an army of clones bred for loyalty, that have to follow certain orders due to a brainimplant, that all look and sound the same and that pretty much cant be controlled or indoctrinated.
    On the other hand you have an army of volunteers/maybe conscripts that are only bound by law/honor to serve the republic, that look different, sound different and could very well be subject to infiltration or indoctrination.

    And if its just a select few trusted troopers, why wouldnt it be trusted troopers of every battalion?
    Maybe i'm missing out on a connection between Judicials and CI, but i dont really get it.
    I'd be less trustful of the average judicial than the average clone.
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    There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to who gets what authority other than the personal bias of the Shock CO. This is especially true when you consider that Jedi, the Generals of these battalions, have absolutely no authority due to the bias against them. I don't see this as anything other than "I don't like these battalions and/or their leaders so I'm giving them no authority." There is no indication that this has anything to do with lore, trust, or even logic.
  4. because judicials are a law enforcement agency
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  5. But I see how clone intelligence should be bumped up. I'll put them above the judicials.
  6. Mate, We just agreed in the CO/XO that spec ops should have nothing to do with law, and CI has nothing to do with law and order, one side of CI goes behind enemy lines and sabotages, the other executes Jedi, this change makes no sense.
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  7. Squeaky is right except for maybe hector ci should not be involved
  8. If I'm gonna be involved it'll be only because Shock specifically ask/want me to assist them
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  9. Please add in this what type of evidence is acceptable. Like actual OOC recording and if a EM @@‘s a recording action is fine but like make it concrete in writing on here somewhere
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  10. I honestly don't think there should be a "rank of authority" it should just be Shock and Naval, plus anyone they invite into Brig. Anyone else should just stay away, Restricting Jedi makes sense if they aren't the Shock General. But I am the Medical CO what do I know?
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  11. Pluto and resh fleshed this out when we had squeakys case cause there were issues with it

    As far as helmet cams you have to have a an actual recording through like OBS or some shit you can’t just say you recorded someone do it in RP. If you wanna use chat logs you are gonna need an actual screenshot not just copy and paste shit or just word of mouth.

    tbh this is the one fair way to do stuff
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  12. Again, the whole authority thing is if shock isn't on, same with naval. we can't invite someone to do it if we're not there. Also, Jedi in lore took no part in law. I will invite them if they are needed, but otherwise they can't really do anything on their own unless the prisoner is something like a sith
  13. Bro what, Warcrime?
  14. "If any non-Republic members commit actions or crimes against the Republic and are contained, they are considered as Prisoners of War." has replaced "- Members of hostile armed forces
    - Members of hostile militias or other volunteer groups
    - Members of armed forces of a faction not recognized
    - People who accompany armed forces (I.E. Members of the Media)
    - Crew of merchant and civil starships"
  15. Thank you very cool
  16. This is kind of stinky
  17. i would like to remind you all that killing yourself to evade arrest is a big nono

    why do i have to say this

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