New BLN Laws and Guidelines (IC)

Discussion in 'Rules' started by Caesar, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. shut the fuck up please
  2. shut up
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  3. kill yourself italian man
  4. I'm the new sheriff in town so I was make sure these new laws are enforced:mad:
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  5. gayest name I've ever heard
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  6. Rascism IC has been added to the list
    (jeremy please don't hurt me)
  7. Well you might as well arrest the whole Republic.
  8. Nah the whole ship
  9. The Medics are going on Strike. We refuse to heal shock until this law is lifted.
  10. toxic.png

    You're going on strike. Saturn just ended racism and you're going on strike.
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  11. If I can't yell at the fish species for being lesser than clones, idk what I am going to do with myself.
  12. RACIST
  13. go to medical school?
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  14. should update the chain of command since amatex is gone
  15. i'll replace amatex with you
  16. j
    i should be one below acapella as technically hes IC in charge of the ship
  17. Wait why is amatex gone
  18. He's no longer 41st co
    He's still head of staff and he still plays
  19. Ah makes sense thanks hecc

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