Ninita Cachonda

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    Name: Ninita Cachonda
    Age(current): 13
    Organization: Jedi Order
    Rank (currently): Youngling
    Planet of origin: Glee Anselm
    Race: Nautolan
    Gender: Female

    As a child, Ninita Cachonda had lost her parents at a young age to the point where she doesn't remember them at all. She grew up in an orphanage for many years until one day, her best friend got attacked by a group of kids and Ninita was able to save him by pushing them away using the Force. With no knowledge of how to deal with the situation, the house mother contacted the Jedi temple to send a Jedi to come take Ninita Cachonda. The Jedi Order sent Jedi Knight Kit Fisto to retrieve the child due to it once being his homeworld and his people. At the Jedi temple, Ninita showed great promise in her training as a Jedi throughout the years. Now, Ninita Cachonda begins a new chapter in her life, were she must become a Padawan in the Jedi Order.

    Knight Kit Fisto: Friend

    1. Ninita Cachonda is a born leader who cares about the success of her allies.
    2. Ninita Cachonda is a defender of all that is good and is ready to lay down her life for peace in the galaxy.
    3. Although she has a humorous side, she is dedicated and sees the importance in completing any mission.
    4. She spends most of her time interacting with others and also spending time alone to train in the lightside of the force.
    5. Ninita Cachonda prefers to learn on the mysteries of the force and wishes to uncover its secrets, so she wields 2 green lightsabers.
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