Opum x Resh x Acapella +more! edgy fan fic

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  1. He has more than 2 men?
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  2. Put me in this or I hold Resh hostage.
  3. The plot THICKENS just like my dick right now,it's getting so I N T E N S E that i can feel myself at the edge of the climax,i cant wait for more
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  4. wtf
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  5. Woah there cowboy , this has to be family friendly
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  6. The LAAT lands nearby the village. It looks to be in ruins, houses burning and bodies in flames, clones and villagers.

    Resh: Pilot, have Oliver and the rest of his men move 15 clicks ahead of us, we need to find him before he gets off planet.

    Zeus: Copy that, Red Leader, escort oliver troopers 15 clicks from our position.

    Dionysis: Copy

    *As resh and his men move throughout he village, they encounter a warzone.. clones impaled with spears, limbs cut off, and some left headless.*

    Zombie: What happened...

    Resh: isn't it obvious... the villagers turned on them...

    *They look ahead to what it seems to be dozens of villagers dead in the middle... a green clone lifeless in the middle...*
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Should I paste all the posts on the first post? Or continue as is? In case new people come and see. They might be like Wtf is this guy doing lol
  10. It's your story, do what you feel would (((enhance))) it.
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  12. I' continuing this shit my boys
  13. *Zombie walks over to nudge the clone over to his back... It was amatex.*
    Zombie: ....Who is this man...why would they kill so many people...You will be avenged Amatex... I promise

    Resh: We will mourn for them later, we need to find him while the tracks are new. Zombie, I've sent down 5 speeders for you, shaak to, Eeth, Mann, and Geek... get a move on!

    *1 hour later*
    Resh: Oliver, report in.
    Oliver: S..sir...

    Resh: what is it oliver...

    Oliver: I..YOU NEED TO G--*Static*

    Resh: OLIVER!
    :All teams, close in on Oliver's location!
    Mann: Sir, his last location was underground...
    Resh: Good, block all the exits.. we move in after I make some calls.. something tells me things won't go down easy..

    *As resh finishes his last call, he remembers Acapella.. And all those he lost..*

    RESH Takes a speeder and moves to the location where the one and only entrance is. 3 battalions worth of clones are held outside, waiting... Jedi among jedi are outside.. Resh also invited some friends and made some alliances... A remnant CIS Frigate sent down B2 Super battle droids and droidikas.. The Hurt cartel also sent down some professional bounty hunters to take the kill..*

    Resh had 2 more ingredients that needed to be added for this to fully work... Purple Team and Crow...
  14. *Shay gets a call from Resh saying to find Crow... What looks over as he sees crow already load into his starfighter.. he reports back in as they both lift off*

    *Pierre was sipping some tea as Purple and the others were playing Uno as he received a call from resh to come.*
    Pierre: Are we being deployed again?
    Resh: I'm afraid so. Are you open for another mission?
    Pierre: Yes sir, we ca--*some distant chatter is held as it grows louder* Can you guys be quiet please? Im talking to the general.. thank you.. we will be ready soon. And when I mean soon I mean like 8 hours if Sentry is flying
  15. What the fuck is wrong with you
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  16. I' writing the finale. It will be gud so don' worry plz dad

  17. fuk u Oliver is dead now, he had like 200000 men
  18. Liar. Oliver died believing what he known best. Nothing. JKJK I needed someone brave to die to gather the troops so

  19. The funny thing is that I had Oliver killed off in a PK last night aswell and he went out like a badass so it kinda connects!
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  20. ohmyfuckinggodi'vejustbeenremindedhowthisfanficbegins
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