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  1. Yes, weekdays i cant do em b/c of school/lacrosse practices/grades
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  2. I received my pilot license in early 2017 does it still count?
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    You're a new character so you have to retake it
  5. I also have a pilots license.
  6. i will test you tho.
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  7. updated in like ages
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  8. just a suggestion but maybe tack on if the person is LFS certified or not
    basically everyone on the list can fly a normal LAAT
    but the LFS one
    maybe not so much

    i personally can with varying levels of success!
    depends on how God feels that day.
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  9. Yo bro its me banner where am I at? (Aka Nogo)
  10. bro this is when i used to lead pilots and this is old, im pretty sure that Trout made a new one

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