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  1. In-Game Name: Specialist Pyle

    Steam name: ADyingWill

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:68663597

    Age: 21

    Timezone: Eastern Time Zone

    Why do you want to apply? (100 words minimum): Well I've always wanted to try and become an EM. I just never had the time like I do now. I have a good creative mind that is itching to put out great events for the server. I have a long saga to keep everyone interested. I hope at least it will. Still I can start out small and do research for what I can do for the story that I want to tell. I don't mind doing simple events. Because we do need them every now but just don't go into much detail. With that being said I will explain more in the next bit on why you should accept me.

    Why should we accept you? (125 words minimum): Well I think you should accept me because I have the creativity and even thought I have never ever been an event master. I am willing to learn with amount of time I do now. I promise you I won't waste your time. I feel like I can bring more to everyone or do my best to every battalion and Jedi. Every battalion has a special role from Unassign through ARC. I want to try and get every battalion to interact with the event. So they wont feel bored or left out. There have been many of times where I've seen this happen and I want to try and let everyone a chance to do that. Also, after every event I will ask the server of what they think and add there opinions to improves myself and the events.

    What ideas do you have for new events?: Well it isn't much right now but its an idea I've had in mind...

    Its about a Lannik or the race is similar to like what Yoda is. He is strong with the force. The Dark Side is his path eye yellow filled with hate rage and dark desire. I made to where the event starts on the BLN ship. His people are trying to find him and you will learn who and what they are.

    Are you willing to do events every 2 days or less?: I'll do my best to do an event for the server

    Do you have previous experience as Eventmaster at all?: No I have not been an EM before but I am willing to learn to become one.

    Overall Community time: 962 Hours TBH I have no clue what this is so I'm guessing GMOD all together

    Time played on the current server: 1 Week 4 days 13 hours 24 minutes (As of right now)

    Will you commit your off-time to moderate if needed? I'm fine with that.

    Are you Staff on any other servers: I used to be on a DarkRP server that is long gone which is called SPLATSRP.

    Will you continue to play on the servers if you are demoted? (This won't change much) I will it wont change anything <3
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  2. we don't do em apps anymore
  3. And uhhhhh you can’t have 2 apps at once even though this app is instant deny because we do EM/GM tryouts and for the other app (the staff one) it might get denied because of this
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  4. accepted
    please be on ts
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  5. Nigga we don’t do apps
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