Rapp T. Ore

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  1. Rappson Taylor Ore is a simple man, coming from a line of simple people. In history, his family line is known for being the biggest retards in the known universe. His grandfather did a lot of crystal meth and thought he was a space-monk with a light-sword fighting for the greater good of the galaxy, along the way his Dad was born. Whom also did a fuck-load of crystal meth. And then Rapp happened, his dad killed himself and then SKYNET took over the world.

    He is best known for being not-needed whatsoever, being generally useless and also being a huge fucking retard at times.
    And getting hurt in the weirdest fucking ways possible (It's genetic. Or something.)

    He lives in a fucking sewer and can sleep for days. Sometimes weeks.

  2. the living shit post character
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