RD99 "Twitchy"

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  1. An incident occurred aboard the Burstlink Venator some months ago.
    A group of "Rogue Clones" had taken the bridge of the ship and held multiple naval personnel and a jedi hostage. The resulting 12 hour standoff was resolved after one of the rogue clones made a deal in secrecy with the crew of the Venator - a deal which would leave all but the one rogue clone dead. A trial was swiftly held afterwards for the rogue clone who had turned coat, the results of which shocked many and were kept a classified secret until recently.

    Begin Holocast Recording - End of Trial of Clone Trooper 9999
    Unknown Clone Commander: "The trial has been concluded, CT 9999 has been found guilty. Due to his cooperation with the Republic, he will be held by the Courascant Guard until he can be transferred back to Kamino for reconditioning. Do you have any last statements, CT 9999?"

    CT 9999 is silent, staring down at his feet.

    "Clone Trooper 9999, Do you have any last statement?"

    CT 9999 looks up and looks around the room, again saying nothing.

    "Very well then, the trial is-"

    CT 9999 interrupts the Clone Commander, screaming "FOR THE REPUBLIC!" before ripping his sealed helmet off of his head, revealing himself to be a Commando Droid. He turns to an ARC Trooper standing guard behind him, screaming "KILL ME ALREADY!" to which the ARC Trooper complies.
    CT 9999 is gunned down by the ARC Trooper.

    End of Holocast Recording - End of Trial of Clone Trooper 9999

    Following the trial, the remains of CT 9999 "Twitchy" were recovered by members of ESU and the Jedi who he had saved. ESU then spent the following week rebuilding the broken Commando Droid. Upon further inspection of the droids internal mechanisms, the Engineers discovered multiple experimental - and to an extent faulty - modules uncommon for normal Commando Droids. The cognition modules of the Commando Droids used in the bridge take over were especially advanced, and allowed the Commando Droids to perfectly blend in as clones. The Manufacturers of the advanced modules were tracked down and all of their research is believed to have been destroyed. To an extent, the Droids were sentient. Twitchy appeared to have faulty internal wiring, and diverted more resources to his personality and cognition modules which resulted in him believing he was in fact a clone.

    After Twitchy was rebuilt and any CIS identification scoured away from his body, he was given a new coat of paint and a new designation. Republic Droid 99, "Twitchy".
    He was then used by the Republic on numerous missions as an infiltration droid, returning to support the Burstlink on a few occasions. He was considered more expendable than a clone by his 'superiors' on multiple occasions, and some clone units refused to cooperate with him entirely. A few Clone Troopers decided they would destroy Twitchy, and nearly succeeded if it werent for the intervention of a Jedi Knight and an engineer. Following the incident, Twitchy was given permission to return fire on Republic Forces if they knew he was Republic property and continued to assault him.

    Twitchy continued to serve even after the Clone Wars had ended, up until the battle of Hoth.

    Twitchy mysteriously disappeared from his storage unit right before the battle of Hoth, his tracking device showing nothing.

    It's believed he fled to the unknown regions and started the popular restaurant chain, McTwitchy's.

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