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  1. @Rook - Blue 1 hey I forgot , but what are on the server again? Are still rc or something idk
  2. yes we do
  3. You have my name wrong
  4. we have a boss right?
  5. Yes we do. He is the old sev
  6. Oppah is RCC now muh dude
  7. You're missing some numbers there kid,on the faggot called "A p O l L y O n"
  8. MIA for to long. Might as well CR lead again. *changes name*
  9. I think this needs a little " u P d A t E "
  10. We really need to update this
    *atheon banned permanently
    *RIP my nigga Buck
    *Nux is gone
    *I thought douglas was gone for a while now
    *Polar is in RCC
    *Adenn is in RCC (Cadet)
    *Paladin is in RCC (Cadet)
    *Jaeger is now a SPC
    *Krill is in Citrus
    *We now have Sev
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  11. Or make a new one?
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  12. buck left niggy, he's not gonna update this
  13. Aye but Vic and Xenu are now CO. Also Buck didn't leave he resigned. I think
  14. buck left, he created the post. nobody can edit it beside him and forum staff
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  15. fuck COs tbh
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  16. going to set up another roster thread soon

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