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  1. Preston Bean

    The Bean family has a long tradition of working for the Republic and being hired for various jobs. The Green family are closely related to the Beans and often go into jobs paired with another. Usually, its a female and male partnership but Preston was stuck with a male partner going into the Judicial forces. He is very young and this is his first job working for the Republic but wants to work with his close friend Peyton Green to live up to the family names.
  2. Peyton Green
    The Green family has been working for the Republic for many generations alongside the Bean family. While it is generally male and female Peyton was stuck with another male and at a surprisingly young age. While this is his first job he looks forward to working with his close friend Preston Bean. He hopes to make his family proud and fight alongside those he calls friends. He looks forward to his missions and the time he will spend in the Judicial Forces.
  3. Good Read i thoroughly enjoyed it. :)
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    Judicial Personnel File: #8927

    Name: Vitch Milanko(Cousin of Mitch Vilanko. Milankos and Vilankos are very unoriginal.)
    Race: "Shashay" He is human but think's he's a bird.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 33


    Mitch Vilanko's cousin who had been the one who found the records that confirmed his atrocities on the planetary scale, Vitch previously had worked for a birthday company which was a front for a large scale Crime ring involving drug dealing, money laundering, racketeering, illegal gambling, tax fraud, etc. Vitch was confirmed to have no part in it and was very disgusted to hear what was uncovered. Vitch had been looking for work when he stumbled across a private security company that specialized in low priority figure protection. Vitch, to many's surprise got the job after only being a guy who dressed up and entertained children at parties, which he made a living off. About 5 years later Milanko left due to his CO in the company being grossly incompetent and frequently searched for Rodian explicit activity and other non-corresponding species explicit activity. Other than that he left due to his CO running into their bunks and screaming about "The Air Goblins" which Vitch had accidentally left his recorder on so he got the entire feed.

    Video Feed: 456-K


    ERROR: Invalid Credentials to Access. Judicial Officer Credentials Required.

    The next morning Vitch had left the company to find the Judicials where he had heard his Cousin, Mitch had died on a CIS attack of a planet which was repelled. Vitch had been placed under Jeremy Hone's authority where he now works with him and other Judicial forces on the Burst Link.

    Speeder Training, Normal and BARC(DM song if you dont believe me)
    Recruitment Training

    Unofficial Qualifications

    Demolitions Self Training, Multiple repeated cases of successful demolitions operations have been started by Vitch, and with 0 friendly casualties.

    Entry #1:

    Specialist Vitch Milanko has left on Leave. His time of return is unknown and his current whereabouts are also unknown.

    Entry #2:

    A vessel arrived into the Burstlink around 2 days prior to this recording, the ship that had entered was a one-manned transport ship. Vitch Milanko, worn, and beaten stumbled out of it with multiple shoddily treated blaster wounds and a dirty outfit. Vitch currently is recovering in the Medical Bay. One day prior to this recording he had decided to explain what happened. Audio Recording Prepared.


    Unnamed Medtrooper: Alrighty. Are you able to speak?

    Vitch: Yeah.

    Unnamed Medtrooper: Mind telling me what happened? These blaster wounds look like their from CIS weaponry.

    Vitch: Yep, Instillino Private Contractors, my old PMC group I ran with after the clown business I worked at got busted for being just a big crime ring. Looks like my dickhead CO was mad I left. Real drunkard, he was. Never thought they were CIS funded.

    Unnamed Medtrooper: Okay, and how recent was this attack?

    Vitch: About 8 hours before I arrived at the ship.

    Unnamed Medtrooper: Well, that's all I needed. What happened and when. Rest up.

    *The Feed Cuts off*

    Entry #3:

    Vitch has fully recovered and is back on duty.

    Entry #4:

    Milanko has wired his comms unit with 9 buttons with pre-recorded lines. Eight of them being warnings of where he is firing Missiles out of his Missile launcher to prevent injury(OOC note: These were made to make sure dumb CTs and new players can't really hold me responsible for killing them accidentally, I do describe my position before using these), the last one being for indoor combat with it due to it's radius not being too large but large enough and deadly enough to clear out large crowds of hostiles indoors.

    Entry 5: Vitch has gained a large liking for making makeshift explosives and grappling hooks out of his Missiles. This has sprouted from his destruction of a repurposed CIS power facility and in the same one, using his missile to launch a cord fused with the missile to go from point A, to point B. How he gained his Missile Charge liking was from rigging all the batteries in the main power area with these missile charges and remotely detonating them. Video feed aqquired.


    *Vitch is flying away from a desert area on an LAAT*

    "Time for the fireworks!"

    *Vitch is seen with a detonator and pulling it's handle*

    Image of Vitch's detonator

    *The audio is near silenced but can barely make out a huge explosion*

    *The video goes from normal to instantly bright white*


    *The feed cuts*

    Entry 6:

    Vitch has gained a high commendation by Commander Keen due to his heroism in a large naval battle outside of the Burstlink, using missile charges.

    Entry 7:

    Vitch has now acquired a climbing kit fitted with a Metal wire rappel cord, able to be cut with any cutting tool, around 30 meters of Cord is spooled on his belt usually. He now carries a Portable Fusion cutter tool, and a power drill for sparkless drilling. The back of Vitch's helmet has a mushroom cloud painted on the back, on his vest he has a Black and orange decal of a Javelin missile. His Javelin has painted shark teeth at the front of the tube, he also carries a small welding tool.

    Entry 8: Vitch has attained a Vibroknife off of a dead vibroblade droid, he is going to get approved to keep it.

    Entry 9: Milanko's Vibroknife has been approved to be kept and he now commonly uses it.

    Entry 10: Vitch has given his helmet a large upgrade with a pack of features such as NVG, IR, Sonar, and Advanced Targeting. Vitch's advanced targeting system has been set to ID known friendly forces as Green outlines(Clones, Republic Allies, and Civillians), It is also able to Outline unknown targets in Yellow until confirmed in the comms they are hostile or friendly, It also outlines hostiles in red, and has a large species database to help with Hostile and docile organism targeting. Vitch's targeting system uses the republic database for the species and alignment.

    Entry 11: Milanko has changed his targeting kit to mark CIS Vehicles of any type, even Munificents, this was changed to this due to marking every single droid around took up a lot of the CPU usage, this change now only marks CIS ships and friendlies.

    Entry 12: Following Milanko's service on a mission to defend a rebel(waterborne) ship, he has been honored with the Promotion to Lance Corporal, a rank up from Specialist.

    Entry 13: Milanko has made a special set of tools for on ship duties which houses multiple items for creating new tools to use on-field.

    Entry 14: Following the creation of this new toolkit, Milanko has gone and made a Zipline gun to be used by him and other Judicials, which is not hand fired.

    Entry 15: Milanko has begun developing his own "Electric Smoke" grenades, further testing is said to be needed to be able to put these devices to use.

    Entry 16: Following the success on the defending and securing of The Box, although unrelated, Vitch has been demoted to Private First Class

    Entry 17: Vitch is now under Shock custody due to the cases of his endangerment of fellow soldiers, which before he had been taken, pointed multiple weapons at him, supposedly planning a public execution without trial, this execution team was mainly comprised of Clone Intelligence, which like Clones, he despises, although more than most, Vitch still enjoys the ESU, RC, and Specific clone battalion members
  5. Name: John Ó Ailín
    Age: 22

    Height: 6'4
    Race: Caucasian
    Sex: Male

    History: Hailing from the planet Jabiim, he was born to a mining family his dad mining minerals that would be sold to the republic. His mother and sister sold clothes that they made from the home while John was with his dad. When John was 19 his father had received a promotion and was able to pay for him to go off to Coruscant to in order to join the judicial forces. While in training John's physical strength was well noted but wasn't his only feature. From his time working in the mine john had gotten very familiar with explosives and heavy machinery and would demonstrate this skill at any opportunity. He was also known for his charm which allowed to help defuse tense situations.
    -Physical strength used for boxing (hand-to-hand combat)
    -Explosives enthusiast
    -Calm/charming behavior
    -Distrust any who he sees as putting down others for self gain
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  6. {Second Life}
    Name: Nassie L Carls
    History:Growing up from Narshadda Nassie was brought up into an very poor family. Nassie's family was in much debt and one day when she was eight some men came to there home to collect.When Nassie's family didn't have the money they owed one of the men took Nassie and burnt her vocal cords leaving her with a "interesting" voice.Soon Nassie would lose her family and would be another orphan on the streets of narshadda.Her teenage life was one of crime.She would join up with an gang and do there deeds for a few years.One day her gang was ambushed by authority's and only she was able to escape them while her gang was captured.Soon with no where to go Nassie would find a way somehow leave narshaada and headed to an republic recruitment facility and soon she would join up with the judical's on the burstlink venator.She knew the stories of this ship. How a small platoon of troopers from this ship could beat back an entire droid army she was excited you could say. Soon she would arrive only to find out every one on the ship was retarded.So here she is now I guess.

    Weird voice
    Knows how crime syndicates may work and has some connections in narshadda
    {More to come}
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  7. Name: Ian Prelino
    Age: 30
    Height: 6'0
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human


    Born on a planet on the outskirts of republic space, known for it's size and hunting options for sport hunters and necessity hunters alike, Ian Prelino worked on his family's farm(Which rejected most modern technology in favor for older options, a tradition passed down from the 3rd generation of his bloodline)on the planet which he and his family nicknamed "Paradise" due to it having many accessible living styles for lower class families. like Prelino's family of 3 sisters and 4 brothers. At his young age of 15, he had decided to go out on his first hunt, which was tradition in his bloodline. As Ian set out into the green summer fields, with a sharp dagger, and a bow, he had stumbled across an old abandoned camp of what he believed to be a long dead military camp, nearly untouched by man or much wildlife. Ian walked into the main tent, which he guessed was the largest one, and the first thing that caught his eye was a large blaster, as Ian held this thing, which looked to be either an LMG type blaster or just a sniper, he felt a real rush, like he was doing something wrong. Along with that rush, he heard large footsteps of some sort of animal. Knowing he was no match for something of that size, he hid and held his breath until it left. Ten minutes passed and he heard nothing, he walked out with this blaster, following the tracks, thinking his parents would enjoy the beast for food. An hour passed, and he had finally found the beast, sleeping. As he took aim with this thing, he hesitated to pull the trigger, quickly pushing the thought away, he fired directly into the thing's forehead, near instantly killing it. Four hours passed, as he carried the thing's hand to his home. Once he returned, he had been kicked out of the home, for what he thought was permanent, and as he assumed what the gun was, this was true, too.

    Ian walked to the spot he left the gun, and set off on his own to aspire to become the best hunter he could be, using the weapon as his signature gun. walking back to the camp, he decided to refurbish it and make it his home. Around 2 years pass after the disowning and he has fully customized this camp, after moving it a bit farther out. As he set off with a small pack of Bantas carrying his other items, he set off to find a new spot to live, which is when he encountered another one of these camps about 9 Kilometres east of the camp, as he did last time, he walked into the largest building, which is where he found another blaster weapon, and a working Datapad. As he inspected this blaster, he got the Datapad working, which he decided to look through, finding out what exactly these weapons were. To Ian's surprise, these weapons weren't old at all, they were just regular standard issue weapons from the Republic to the terribly made army at the time, specifically, precursors to the Republic snipers and the T-21. Ian lived there up to the age of 29, where he was brought onto a Consular-Class carrier, ran by the Judicial forces, about a year before the Clone wars. On the ship he was told that he was being brought away from that planet due to it going to become a large military planet with multiple different planetary defense systems, essentially just becoming a testing planet, during his time on that ship he was recruited into the Judicial forces and ranked up to Private first class, aspiring to become a heavy Gunner, having used the LMG like blaster he found on the second camp. Ian has grown to enjoy clone company and is being assigned as Private First Class Vitch Milanko's replacement, due to him choosing to become a permanent member of the Consular Carrier outside of the Burstlink, the ship he was on, Ian will recieve prompt Speeder training and tech training, a compliment to the goal of his to be able to be a fast defense unit.
  8. Gabriel Anderson.

    Twenty years old.

    White male.


    Standing a solid 6’ weighing about 178 pounds. Light stubble on his chin and hair cut short.

    A devout man, raised in a house under God, when the war brought occupation to his home-planet he took up arms along with the local militia although it interfered with his religion he thought that his God sent the droids for a reason, to prove that Gabriel was much more of a warrior than he was a priest, and while in the militia they scored victory after victory against their droid occupiers until a trap was sprung that killed the majority of them, Gabriel only got out due to one of the members falling utop him. After rising from his fallen companions Gabriel returned home and knew that he couldn’t stay, there was a chance that one of the droids might remember and reveal himself, taking with him his pocket bible that he keeps in his left shirt pocket he set out, hiding on merchant ships until he got onto a Republic controlled planet. He asked around and found that The Republic had no need for enlisted soldiers in their main army, however in their Military Police? He happily signed up at the age of twenty, after passing basic training he was sent to The Venator to join the Judicials under FSGT Jeremy, determined to score one victory for every one of his friends from the militia killed.

    Home planet: Manpha.

    Strengths: Is flexible all around, a jack of all trades, knows the basics of slicing along with how to pilot basic ships and just about fire any weapon. Very religious on and off the battlefield.
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    Nopo List




    Mandalorian Ancestry

    Nopo used to work in a CIS b1 factory where he designed and tested b1s before the clone wars kicked off. He was later kicked off of the program due to being late to work regularly records state his excuse was that he was busy building a space craft no official documents of an investigation support this, however when he defected to the Republic he was flying a ship of unknown design. Mandalorian ancestry has been detected in Nopo's blood from a clan that was considered wiped out on record. Hopefully Nopo proves himself in battle to be loyal to the Republic by serving on the Burst Link Venator. For now though he has been tasked with making audio logs of every mission he partakes in -Judicial Coruscant Recruiter.

    [Audio Log #1: Went on my first mission today. We were exploring an abandoned research outpost that had been attacked by the CIS. Corpses of both parties where everywhere, more Republic than CIS... Got access to some terminals and found a data pad I plan to keep probably going to wipe it after every mission. I did find something weird in one of the chambers though, a Crypt with a bunk of researchers corpses around, one was frozen solid. I took his finger for Medical to examine, in fact I already passed it off to them. uhhh I guess this concludes my first audio log? hopefully these get easier...]

    [Audio Log 2: went on another mission today... took control of the venator’s turbo lasers managed to take out a Providence’s bridge, the boarding party left me behind so I took an escape pod to the planet past the enemy blockade, apparently that got me recommended by Admiral Keen which would be hella cool... if it wasnt for this broken leg...]
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    Urist "Turtle" Forger
    After his Family was killed and his feet were chopped off by Pirates He swore that he would Avenge those who had fallen in his town. On his travels to Get revenge on the Pirates he would Enlist into the Judicial ranks in hopes of this as a way to get revenge. Since then he has lost his mind and has been obsessed with killing those who he calls "Heretics" for being against his beliefs and were concerned about his Obsession of Weapons. Also he's short as hell.
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  14. Adams Stevens
    Born on Alderaan as a farmer, he was naturally very charismatic, patriotic, and willing to work the hard hours, this lead him to joining the war when he realized that both things he hated, crimes and CIS, could be open game for hunting by joining the Army. With little experience from defending his home from scum looking to steal and kill, and a lot of bravery and rage about to be aimed at the Republic's enemies, the time for farming is no more.
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  16. Nikolai Lafreund

    Age: 32


    5’ 11”/1.82 Meters

    Species: Human with Avian characteristics.

    Born on Coruscant but during his childhood was being moved to an outer rim colony however the ship he was in crashed on Arbooine some how he survived along with his mother who was around her 40s when this happened. Due to the local culture being mainly the bird like creatures known as the Sathari he developed some of their habits and cultural beliefs and traditions alongside regular human culture leading him to being more understanding of other cultures unlike his own. He joined the Republic Judicial Rangers due to stories about his deceased father being one from his mother before the crash.
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  17. Name: Rook Cunningham
    Race: Human [Clone "Defective"]
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'1|1.85m

    Light Biography:
    Rook was originally a trooper of the CG but due to internal affairs he was marked as a mere, "Defective" and was ordered to be executed. But on that day Jeremy Hone, Captain and CO of the Burst Link and its Judicial Forces, happily adopted him into the force, after calling off the execution with out any fists being raised. Rook was required a last name and thought "Cunningham" fitted his first name and so, here he stands Rook Cunningham of the Republic Judicial Forces. He keeps his loyalty with the Burst Link, as if he never left. And will forever respect his brothers and sisters of the Republic.

    PFP Test.jpg
  18. NAME AND SERIAL CODE - Conall Cyano, code 19830b-321
    S - Male
    O - Asexual
    R - Caucasian
    Y - 21 Y/O
    BP - Alsakan, Agriculture Sector
    PL - After being born and raised in a quiet, mundane family on a mostly unknown planet far in the core worlds, Cyano grew up to be raised in a militaristic family. His father, having served in the judicial forces far before his own son had been born, pressed him into military life with high hopes, hopes which were blown skyhigh as he passed through military school with ease. Cyano quickly joined up in the Judicial Forces of the Republic as soon as he graduated, and at the age of 18, he was quickly hard pressed into service. The war between the CIS and Republic raging as soon as he entered the military life.
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  19. Andres Svetchnikov

    A crook on the run after fighting 2 drunken men and pick pocketing them. The local police body catches him and arrests him. In court the judge gave a plee deal the judge allowed Andres to serve in the GAR under the judicial branch.

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