Rommels Naval logs

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    These logs start back when we were on the MK2 Venator or whichever one it was with the ugly bridge.
    Rommel's Log #1
    Well this is my first recording after getting my deployment straight from the academy and already assigned to a warship that from what I've read gets into a lot of trouble. Multiple encounters with large CIS fleets on the regular and constant boarding, oh and this ship has been replaced so many times the crew has lost count. I'm hoping that i can get along with the men onboard even though i have never been the biggest fan of the republics clone army ,but i do love the Republic so i can deal with it. hmmm well that's all i really have for my first entry i'll keep the logs updated ,but for now i will end the recording bye.

    Rommel's Log #2
    Well that was an experience. Third day on the job and i'm Thrown into a battle with a CIS fleet larger than any simulation i have gone up against. Thankfully we got reinforcements before things got too rough ,but the ship still took serious damage in some of the key areas. we have to haul our ass back to the nearest repair station before we can do anything ,but the encounter did end in a republic victory so i will be celebrating when we get there. Well that's about it i would go into more detail but i'm a bit tired after that battle so i'm just going to leave it here.

    Rommel's Log #3
    Well I thought the last engagement was incredible ,but this time was exciting to say the least. No senior officers onboard and i was the highest ranking of the officers who were there ,but thanks to my training everything went smoothly for the most part. After i took command the men banded together ,and we took out the enemy fleet. Well we almost destroyed the enemy fleet two of the enemy ships went limping away and eventually hyper spaced out of the system before we could disable them ,but for my first time in command i say i did pretty good.
  2. Best boi
  3. Ah rommel my most trustworthy officer also the guy who I would trust leading operations if I were ever to step down
    Also if I could promote him I would but I dont think I can my rank is the same as sergeant
  4. what a lad.

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