Ronan Paleccrest (Cyber Operations Technician Officer)

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    Name: Ronan Palecrest

    Designation: COPT-Ronan

    Alias: "Techie"

    Allegiance: Local Miltia

    Miltia Branch: Cyber Operations

    Military Branch Rank: Cyber Operations Technician Officer

    Military Rank: Lieutenant within Cyber Operations

    Current Unit Assignment: TBA

    Species: Human

    Age: 26

    Sex: Male

    Height: 6'6

    Weight: 190lbs

    Status: ACTIVE

    Years of Service: 7

    Psychological Assessment

    Ronan entered service 7 years ago, showing troubling signs of rebellion despite his birth of origin. During boot camp Drill Instructor [DATA REDACTED] has made several notes regarding Ronans supernatural ability to avoid working parties; and having a wide knowledge of tech, Ronan has spent a collective of three hundred hours in the guard room under the supervision of Provost Sergeant [DATA REDACTED] for several offenses, including but not limited to: Misappropriating military hardware which in the near destruction of the Instructor barracks, insulting several drill instructors, inciting a cadet brawl resulting in three injuries among other offenses. Despite his many misdemeanors Ronan has shown other potential officer qualities as evident in his training squad scores; . Further psychological assessment shows Ronans independent nature and strong sense of initiative- Tactics Instructor [DATA REDACTED] notes Ronans preference for aggressive maneuvers though makes further notes in his indifference to civilian casualties. When taking the 16P test, he identifies as an ENTJ individual, which should come to no surprise given his affinity with improving other people's performance when within proximity. Soon after being promoted to COTP he began to settle down.


    Wide Knowledge of Tech - Ronan has shown a great knowledge of Tech and knows how to maneuver past them- due to this he has received the rank of COTP.

    Stealth - Ronan has shown to be able to slip past even officers and or enemies when not even trying to, he has been noted for his stealth like personality and such.

    Brawling - He's decent at it, not the best but he knows how to throw a punch and defend him self.


    Doesn't know how to handle a firearm - Ronan hasn't touched a firearm before due to him not needing to.

    Smart ass Personality - If you say something stupid, Ronan's going to comment on it- which usually starts fights.




    Cipher: Double Transposition

    First Key: GORGON

    Second Key: TERROR

    OOC Info

    OOC Name: Oliver or Ollie
    Rank I'm applying for: Cyber Operations Technician Officer which is also equivelent to a 2LT but I'm willing to do anything for it- I mainly want the Cyber Operations job.
    Age: 16
    Why do you want this position: Well- back on another server I played on I did this, and I soon plan to try to be a Cyber Operations Technician in the army later when I grow up, and I would really be invovled with this server- I use to play on the Half life RP on BLN and I loved it- I still miss it.
    Previous Experience:
    BLN Half life 2 RP
    Galaxy Divided RP
    TnB NS RP
    CGC Fallout NS RP
    Wetworks RP
    Forest of Aswen NS RP

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  2. yees what my child
  3. Denied
    you dont insta get lieutenant oml
    and we don t even have this wff
    good roleplay application but like
  4. Reopening and retracting my statement, was a bit immature. I'll let kong decide this
  5. Also- just saying this, the 2nd LT rank would not interfere with Military Operations ranks, This is only within the Department of Cyber Operations! i am saying this because I don't want people to think I am getting 2nd LT and being able to boss people around, he only holds jurisdiction and is able to give orders when it involves his job or his skills.!
  6. So it's like CG but in terminator?
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    Rank too high even if it doesn't interfere with military operations, I do like the character though
    not exactly sure but if it's 2018 how have you had 7 years of service in the rebellion

  8. No, Cyber Operations Technician are not On Duty job or on tour, They provide technical expertise to integrate cyberspace operations with war fighting functions. TheCyber Operations Technician must understand relationships, teamwork, and interpersonal dynamics and have the ability to integrate these concepts to achieve cyber effects. They must be the consummate professionally.

    I'd like to say, Rank can always go down, it was just a place holder until I found something different, The seven years was something popping into my head, which can always be edited and or thrown out the door, It wasn't with the rebellion, the years of service were Military Service, before that job, I'm applying so I can get this job in the rebellion, more will be said in his background.
  9. so ur IT?
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  10. Technically, he trained in Tech, Not really combat or anything else, he really picked up brawling on his own, hes like the IT dude of the base basically.
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