SamuraiRP Update - 1.0

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  1. This is the first major update for SamuraiRP if you have any suggestions you want on the server please leave them below and I will see what I can do.

    Update pushed @ 21:20 GMT

    SamuraiRP Update - 1.0

    - Fixed war text going off to the left of the screen when the war starts
    - Added salaries to all jobs
    - Added job limits (No more millions of ninjas)
    - Added more props to purchase from the F4 Menu
    - Added animation buttons to the F4 Menu
    - Added custom samurai font
    - Added new sound for notifications
    - New death feature (I'll let you find that out yourself)
    - Added spawns for all jobs!
    - Removed Dildo
    - Matched farming mod UI with ours
    - Removed animation menu from keys
    - Made pockets save even on death
    - Added NLR system
    - Added door groups for all the 3 warring faction
    - Fixed a texture bug on the scoreboard
    - Made archers spawn with more ammo
    - Props bought from the F4 menu can now be destroyed!

    Future Updates
    - Give more items for merchants to sell
    - Add more props to buy
    - Add potions for merchants to sell
    And more!
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  2. so this may have been changed but can you pick up bought props with pysgun? there is ways to get around propkill
  3. Fuck you man.
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  4. hehehehhehe he didn't find the crown
  5. more clans
  6. - Removed Herobrine
  7. Fuck that.
    Drums and flute classes when?
    Who wants a marching band thats all guitars?
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