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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by SapphireRising, Jul 4, 2019.

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  1. (I wasn't active for a while because my computer was messing up, but I should be good now.)

    Steam Name: Sapphire

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:147761552

    Hours played on the server: 288 hours

    Age: 15

    Do you have previous experience as a staff member on other servers? Yes

    What attributes can you bring to our server? I will bring discipline, and respect to the server. I will also listen to both sides(If a argument/fight should occur) and won't make rash decisions. I also won't be biased towards one side just because they're a friend. Equality will be shown when dealing with problems. I will also assist players when asked, or needed.

    Do you think you're mature enough to be a moderator for our server? Yes.

    Do you have a microphone that you can use to communicate and quickly solve problems? Yes.

    Do you know all the rules for the server? Yes, and I will follow them.

    Do you think our community respects you enough to become a moderator on the server? I think so. I'm not sure about some of the ones who have disrespected me before.

    Have you ever been punished on our server? If so, what were you punished for? I haven't been punished on the server.

    Why should we promote you to staff? (at least 100 words)

    I think I should be staff, because I actually respect the players, and new recruits. I treat them with kindness, and respect. I'll listen to anyone who has any time of problem. Server related, or even real life related. I'll always be there to help. If I see someone is having a problem, or needs any help, I'll be there. Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness, no matter who they are. I'll be impartial when handling a civil situation. Like for example, an argument. If something needs to be handled, I'll be there to do that task. I'll do my best to handle any situation, and problem. I generally try to help all I can, and try to make the server a little bit better. I like making other people happy. I also like having fun on the server. So combine the 2. I'll help make others happy, while also having fun. I will also help tame any arguments or fights that should occur. I'll do my best to stay active, as well.

    Thank you.
  2. uh
    posting and editting on your last thread is an instant deny and you have to wait 2-3 weeks to reapply for staff depending on what resh decides tbh
    you can't just post another app chief

    in addition, here's some other things:

    This implies the current staff don't do that. Not a good thing to start your staff app with.

    The community can't respect you enough to become a moderator if they barely know you. Try making a bigger name for yourself here. Getting connected in our teamspeak and resh's discord, and getting connected with the community in general will help you get seen as a better candidate, but not quite yet, friend.

  3. Ye
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