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  1. OwO
  2. That's about it.

    It was St.Patties when we were in Europe too so that made its own form of fun. We had this one drunk dude threaten to beat the shit out of this one kid's bag during our first night on the town.

    There was also a time when we went to a spot where actors performed in broad daylight and as soon as our guide said that a dude walked up to us and said "Y'all ain't from SCOOOTLAND" and I applauded him for his acting. Then I found out he was just drunk.

    There was also this one story with Hugh Jackman but it's kinda meh
  3. Jobob is just baiting us with the way he words everything.

    Hugh Jackman pls
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  5. Stop this heresy or you will be forced to turn in your cool guy card at the nearest Krispy Kreme or alternatively, if California is too gay to have them, turn it in at your nearest weed dispensary
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  6. I went into the bathroom to piss and I saw smoke floating out of a stall I didn't really think much of it bc I've been there, but more smoke kept floating out and it was really obvious bc it was just lingering in the air. but it started really collecting in the bathroom so I told while he was in there and im pissing to ghost it and blow out hard so you can take a bigger hit. he says "ok thaanks bro" I tell him and I quote "rip that shit dude" and he just snickers and I just hear the sound of his cart for what felt like a minute he had to have kept sucking until the light started blinking. He says with that deep voice that you make when you try talk after hitting a vape "oh fuccgkk" and starts coughing up his fucking lungs as he turns into a human fog machin,(oh yea the bathroom echos so much you can hear whispers in the fucking hallway) this fucking noise making smoke machine makes this terrible noise like he is seizing and throws the fuck up on the toilet and floor. I'm opening my stall as he throws up and once I register what happened I gtfo of there.
    so yea I made some freshmen rip his weed cart which destroyed his lungs, his throat, and his stomach
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  7. Thats my name
  8. They only mix the retards that are capable of learning material, I even have some tards in my school taking honors and AP classes and passing them legit, most of the fully retarded fags have their own gas chamber
  9. The Hugh Jackman story involved my first night in a place in London England called Piccadilly Circus. We were looking at the nightlife and suddenly heard loud cheering. There was a movie theatre in the area and they were premiering "Eddie the Eagle" which had Jackman in it.

    Long story short we watched him walk down the red carpet with a few other people I never heard of before. It was cool.
  10. Let's get this back up, I'm back and I wanna hear more stories.
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  11. Wb
  12. Happens at my last school but I walked in on my Teammate doin one of the cheerleaders before a varsity game. The wosrt part about it wasn’t that they where doing it in the football lockerroom nah they where doing it on my bag bro.
  13. At the broadcasting class at my old high school, Kneelegs and one of my friends had to shoot a commercial. Long story short he tapped some chairs to his shoes and marched a bit down the hall in them. His commercial came out the best with the timing of everything, even when he accidentally did a slow zoom in on a guy talking about his product, which made it funny as shit given the tone
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