Serious Issue with Management that Needs to be Addressed

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Luc Blue Bielewski, Jun 30, 2020.

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  1. Resh doesn’t make his server have equal rights basically, if you haven’t dropped thousands of days or dollars he doesn’t seem to care about you. He only cares about people he knows and is friends with.
    Example 1= Finch is a CO and has a lot of requests and has spent money for stuff but is still waiting for it to even be looked at by resh, while amatex gets stuff in a week just cause he’s closer to resh and has been on the server longer. Finch and Amatex are around the same age, age shouldn’t matter anyways, the only reason amatex gets stuff first is cause he knows resh and resh actually talks to him instead of what he should be doing and talking to everyone on his server not just his friends and people he’s known for a while.
    Example 2= The 108th got drones very suddenly and didn't have to wait long at all for them, the reason being is cause resh is the leader and will work faster on stuff for himself or very close friends.
    Example 3= A personal thing that has affected me and my batt is grenadiers. My CO Odds/Finch posted a forum about them 3 months ago and hasn't even gotten a response. But with all the things that I've seen and many others have seen, if another batt was to ask for a sub batt today they would most likely have looked at it within 2 weeks and have started to talk about it in CO/XO meetings.
    Example 4= Resh gives way too much special treatment to certain batts and others doesn't give even an ounce of care to, Just cause a batt is close with resh doesn't mean he should turn his shoulder to his new players and new battalions and their needs. An example for special treatment is the weapons that 108th and 10th (108th and 10th being original BLN battalions showing that the older players and battalions/battalions owned by Resh and his friends are given better treatment then newer ones) have that are nothing like and even stronger than the regular blasters most batt have.

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    I assume this is Keeli’s NCO, Red. I don’t think you understand exactly how adding stuff works. There’s a long ass list of shit that needs to be added and only one person who can do it. So, that being said it’s gonna take a while, and Keeli bought this less then a month ago. I actually wouldn’t even think that it would be added, because Finch left his sub bat thread with a question instead of saying “alright this is what I want” and then finalizing it. Keeli did say a couple times on there that they were waiting for it to be accepted. Resh could of forgot about it, so bumping a thread helps, not If you do it a shit load tho. As for 10th, Mustang paid for that shit and Gary made the models, so there isn’t special treatment there. It also took two month of 10th Grenadiers to be added, and two months for jetpacks, so just be patient. Now, 108th is a different story. That’s Resh’ battalion, and the only thing other than coding he does on the server is lead that. It died for a second there, so of course he’s gonna want to revive it. I’m not quite sure what you meant when talking about Amatex getting shit in a week. I believe he’s still waiting on marksman. I know there was no organization in this response, for that I apologize. I just woke up and wanted to respond quickly and I’m also typed this up on a phone.
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    I get where you're coming from with this whole scenario. However, Resh does do a lot of behind the scenes work when he's AFK on the server. Now don't get me wrong, he does play COD and Fortnite a lot more nowadays, but that's just because when you own a server, pay for the server, and code for the server, you deserve a little break. And even during his little breaks to play other games, he's still on the server a decent amount. (Not as active as everyone else of course but he's the owner and dev, so he doesn't NEED to be active 24/7)

    Your example 1 *and 3* - I kinda agree with this part, and by this part I mean specifically, about Keeli waiting so long for something that (to my knowledge) was all-ready approved once Keeli got an active battalion (which they now have). You making this post will hopefully call out that you guys need to talk with resh or staff about getting your stuff finished and finalized.

    Your example 2 - I believe the rework with 108th was due to the new SNPC droids resh added. The original grenades that 108th had, ended up causing an issue with the new droids, so resh had to remove them. In the process of removing them, he added the drones in so 108th could still be useful, and he could finally implement the drone thing ESU was trying to get before it died again. But in 108th instead.

    Your example 4 - Resh doesn't ''turn his eyes on the other battalions'' now yes some battalions get things faster then others, however he's not completely biased. Hence why we have a staff team in the first place, to manage any episodes of bias-ness that might occur. On your subject of 10th. An update to a gun done by someone else, to the point where all he has to do is add it, is a different thing then comparatively an entirely new job, or the model making team getting backed up on elite and titan models.

    I don't completely agree with what you said, just because i know the struggles of managing a server, and having to ''pick favorites''. (Even if i haven't done it in so long). But i understand your frustration. I'm glad you posted this on the forums so everyone can see what certain opinions are.
    Also yeah Amatex does sound like 10...
  4. So about that little part at the end there geek, my bad if amatex isn’t around finchs age but damn he do be sounding 14-16
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  5. Yeah sure this is Resh's server and he is the only person who does management for the server, but Resh has a life outside BLN, and I think he talked about it with people who were on the server but a Job too. Sometimes you have to realize that Resh is a person who has a life too, I mean I waited for like 2 months for my Sub-Batt I think, then another two for Jetpacks, Resh usually does larger patches instead of doing things one at a time to probably keep his sanity.
  6. While I do agree with some substantial points made in this 10th was kind of in a lucky spot where we had content creators within the battalion so they could create the content and package it all ready for use to send off only needing to be dragged and dropped. I do understand the frustration as even I have gone through it before. My counterpoint to who gets what added first is this, I don’t believe it’s so much as money as it is if he “likes it”. I myself had to wait for things for months in multiple occasions when I was the server manager! While other people got stuff added extremely fast because it was something resh thought would be cool or unique. He can correct me if I’m wrong in this but this is how I always figured his brain worked. “Eh another bland custom model that no ones gonna miss except for the donator, send it to the back of the line” vice “holy shit this battalion wants to use the epic six fi weapons I added in last week?!?! That sounds dope and unique!” Now judge that as you will but that’s just my take on it
  7. I think this is a recurring problem with many servers. Upper management can get lazy beyond doing things that are particularly interesting. It does get boring and it's understandable that people want to focus on things they enjoy doing/adding. This becomes an issue for me though with things like custom models, as you mentioned. People pay money for these things and sometimes they are just disregarded. Sure a generic custom model might be forgettable, but someone still paid for it. Like how hex shields were removed for a while with no compensation for the people who paid for them. Issues that deal with things like requests or perhaps adding items that were won for free are a different, social matter. But something that is paid for needs to be taken more seriously. It's not the only issue being discussed here but it is something I've noticed, and am not a fan of.
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  8. I can agree with that. I just stated how I viewed it not that I agree or disagree with it
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  9. Not calling you out just voicing my opinion on the matter as well.
  10. wait, you guys are getting favoritism?

    imo having drones on the server only for 108th use, all other uses forbidden, is kinda lame
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  11. I like pizza
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  12. Civil rights movement event series when? I would personally love to see a sith MLK
  13. I just wish we had a server manager that would do a lot more routinely updates man
  14. I agree with this
  15. You sexy smart and correct man
  16. True.
    @Joshua Clark needed for updates in aisle 5.
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  17. We don't have one
  18. I literally told you yesterday that NONE OF YOUR KEELI SHIT WAS ON AMATEX’S LIST OF THINGS TO DO

    Don’t act like I’ve ignored it on purpose you ignorant fuck
  19. This is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in a while

    You made this despite me giving you a direct reply of it not being in a list of updates for me to do

    Everyone else seems to understand it, CI, 501st, Jedi, ARC

    Don’t be salty just because none of your shit has been on the list of updates

    I’d also like to add that there’s a good amount of background work being done, one that involves Keeli

    YOU said during alto’s event in OOC why keeli dont have rocketeers and i directly replied “It was never in amatex’s list, unlike CI and others”

    Yet you made this post right after?

    Don’t act like I ignored you

    The fact you deliberately left that out just makes me respect you a lot less
  20. BTW if i’m correct finch is 16

    Amatex isn’t his age
    He’s like 20 dude
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