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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Shockwave, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. the only recent app to be denied was because of immaturity
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  2. Fair point. I'll drop the conversation at that.
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  3. -1 While I don't have a problem with you being staff I don't exactly see you on much, but when you are on I dont feel you here to me it feels like your in neutral when you're on.
    as for this, while I do agree with your reasoning too many staff can also be a bad thing, too many people means more people the senior staff need to watch over and make sure they don't mess up and abuse.

    again, When I do see you on its either for a bit on ship but I don't exactly see you much in terms of events. or when you are on you go off a little bit after.

    Like most have said age does'nt matter, what does matter is if you're mature enough to be staff and not abuse.
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  4. I appreciate the feedback
  5. I also don't see you as much tbh I'm on every day of the week so I would most likely know if you got. I only see you for a bit just saying.
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  6. fair
  7. who is this
  8. 442nd trooper
  9. *XO
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