Should Radir Get Megumin Model + Megmunin Jedi Lore

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Do you support Radir for Megumin

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    So for those of you who don't know I'm trying to convince the Jedi to let me have this model on ship and Resh is okay with this I just need permission.

    This is the model

    I will do my best not to abuse my player model and stick to character, and not be super mingy about it. I can't say that this will benefit the server this is something that would mainly benefit me personal but if you guys let me do this it would bring the biggest smile to my face and I'll say your a member of the best Wifu cult.

    This is something that I'm hoping we can have fun with and pls try to read what I put before you vote

    This is how I'm bringing this to Jedi lore and clones wars(There was also a Resh event with her so I'm using that too in this)

    Megumin as a Jedi(This is based off her backstory but change to star wars style)

    Megumin was raised in the Crimson Force Clan. This was a Clan of force sensitive users that practiced all sides of the force. They wanted to expand on the powers of the force to make them stronger over than lightsaber combat. They still practiced lightsaber combat but the force was prioty. They were not deemed good or evil since they expressed both sides of the force. The people of the clan were often seen as crazy do to their names being very odd. Their clan color was red and it is said that when a Crimson member was excited their color would turn red. Megumin was very skilled in the clan being able to use more advance force powers for her age group. She mainly focuses on explosive force abilities, because she was saved from a group of bandits by a force user using a explosive force powers. Since then see has been extremely motivated to use explosions as here primary weapon. Megumin had 3 goals at the age of 5, to dominate the world, become the demon king, and to have a huge chest.

    Even though she was very strong in the clan compared to her friends and classmates she had it hard at home. Her family was dirt poor and couldn’t afford to even feed her most of the time. She would sneak into the school kitchen and eat the bread crust that was going to be used as food for the animals. This was sometimes the only thing she would eat that day. During lunch she would duel her friend Yun Yun for her lunch. Megumin always won even when it got rough she never backed down because if she did she would starve. On the weekends she was often very hungry since she couldn’t go to school to eat bread crust and she couldn’t eat Yun Yun’s lunch.

    Her companion Chomusuke a black cat that was found by her sister. When Megumin first saw Chomusuke he was covered in teeth marks because her sister was trying to eat it. Megumin and her sister choose to take care of it, but in the back of her mind she saw Chomusuke as emergency food. Yun Yun first named Chomusuke Kuro which means black but later Megumin changed it to Chomusuke. The cat didn’t seem to like the name it first cringing when it first heard it, but began not to care later.

    After she was finished her school and ready to go out and do something at the age of 13 she only had her school uniform to wear. Her friends bought and made her outfit and staff and gave it to her as a goodbye gift. She left with a small out of money she had saved up, her new clothes, and Chomusuke. After making it to a new town that was nearby she ran into a few hooded figures wearing black robes that were Siths. They sense that she was strong in the force and easily corruptible. With her being neutral with what was happening because of the Clan being neutral and her planet on the outer rim, away from the battle was on a neutral state too.

    The Sith took the opportunity to try and get her to do their dirty work for them and attack the Jedi and clones. They told here that they could give her a great amount of credits for helping them. This being a big opportunity for her took the deal. They planned to attack the Burst Link Venator after finding out the information of their whereabouts. They also got a traitor to put in a report that the Jedi where to receive a new Master. They made made Megumin was the Master and sent her in. Appone arrival they treated her very kindly which somewhat made her think against it but did it anyway. Even though she was a bit young she wasn’t really questioned. After gaining their trust she went after the ARC killing as many as she could. After the Jedi Attempted to face her. Scared she went to them to fight. After going in seeing that there was to many of them and couldn’t defeat all of them and got away on her ship to find out she was left behind. She made it away with only the little payment they gave her upfront to convince her.

    Regretting what she did ran away on her ship to a nearby plant and layed low doing small jobs to make money and pay for an apartment. Megumin thinks back on what she did and how it was wrong. The fear she felt from the ARC and clones. The nice treatment she received when on the ship. How she felt accepted and loved, she wanted that again. She now is still their trying to find a way to get back in or in the order possibly.

    Btw ^ that was 817 words :D

    Post All feedback and anything you find wrong so I can make it better

    Thanks for Reading :D
  2. I vote yes
  3. I will write a 1000 word lore post about how Megumin died from clinical depression after being bullied by her fellow jedi peers in the jedi temple if this gets added and i will make this into an event and hard pk radir down to Chef boyardee of the naval branch. for real if this gets added i will have to rethink my decisions about this FUCKING SERVER REEEEEEEEEE
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  4. Fuck outa here with that weeb shit
    -Ya Nigga Boss
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  5. sErIoUs rP. Honestly tho, a wookie battalion being added is bad enough, this is the last thing we need right now. (Besides, I like you as Obi Wan too much)
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  6. I'll still Act serious and follow the rules still this would just be fun
  7. even the admiral agrees ^

  8. Y E S I W O U L D L O V E T H I S
  9. tbh we already had jedi padawan ruby rose so i don't see a problem with this or you know i'm a huge fucking weeb and my family should've aborted me
  10. oof
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