Skada goes to court.

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  1. You enter an elevator and begin your descent into the lower sections of the Venator, returning from the hangar bay. You notice a familiar piece of parchment on the floor, with familiar characters albeit in a higher quality than the previous note.

    Skada 8086

    Today I went to Burstlink Court as the defendant of one of the 108th members, I don't exactly know why I felt like I should defend him. It might have something to do with my conscious weighing on me after they called for him, a fellow brother, to be tortured and killed slowly.

    Before I went to court, I decided to see if I could gather any solid evidence of his guilt or innocence so I visited the CG to see if I could view the surveillance footage. After a little bit of talking and explaining my reasoning, they let me view certain parts of the surveillance footage and allowed me to take a copy explicitly for the case.

    During the trial, the prosecution was unorganized and I was able to exploit holes in their accusations, including the witness who was dismissed from his position in the trial soon after. It was somewhat sloppy on their end, even if it was useless due to my evidence which would have proved his innocence had I presented it at the beginning of the trial.

    For legal reasons I can't write about the evidence or the other parts of the trial, but in the end everyone walked away without spite, so I must've done something right.

    I should find a convenient way to compile these 'notes' of mine, I keep losing them.

  2. Man, I thought this would explain why that one 108th guy went to court.
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  3. what
  4. Ez case skada, I'ma make sure you are my lawyer next time I go to court
  5. They @'d you but some 108th went to court.
  6. rider went to court

    hes proven innocent
  7. ok thx

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