Slipps 2 apology boogaloo

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Are traps still considered gay :REVAMP:

  1. Yes,They have feminine penises.

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  2. No,They have dicks.

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  3. Maybe.

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  4. Not this again KYS slipps.

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  5. No they are not real just a fetish like moonboots escalators and supreme clothes.

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    Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:88541101

    Who Banned You: I was banned by General Resh.

    When did you get banned: 7/19/2017 is my Ban date.

    How long were you banned for: Permanently.

    What was the reason for your ban: There was a time travel event going on at the time and i had a bad idea to shout a joke that is usually in time travel media and asked resh if he had f%#! his mom and instantaneously got perma banned

    Why do you think the action was unfair: I think a day ban or even a week ban would have sufficed but a majority people knew it was a joke and some that i chat with even laughed.

    Additional notes: I unprofessional insulted Resh in steam chat out of spite and i am able to say that lashing out was childish and unneeded and i apologize i just want to help my good pals in 212th again.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Yikes i wrote it twice what a spaz sleep dep is getting to me.
  4. Nah im just auts.
  5. HONESTLY, after waiting so long, being banned and still wanting to come back deserves a +1
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  7. sure man
  8. Just fyi since I know gary likes to make inactive people 212th despite them not playing for months
    I should not see you as a 212th anytime soon.
    Other than that
    Good memes
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